Jan. 13th, 2012

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Batman Gambit

Words: 250

Sozin’s Comet tears across the sky, streaming a trail as red as blood. The Fire Nation Armada soars above Earth Kingdom waters and a forest looms before it. A long figure clothed in opulent scarlet and gold stands on a platform on the foremost ship. The air is saturated with the energy from the Comet, and a slim, pale hand slow reaches to the sky for a moment then lowers toward the ground far below. A thin trail of fire shoots out, quickly expanding and engulfing the trees stretching up.

The roar of the flame is deafening, louder than thunder, and the air trembles from it.  Boulders suddenly slam into the side of the ship, and the jet of fire stops as its creator’s attention is drawn to the monk throwing fire at the ship’s engine.

As the ship drifts closer to the Avatar, the figure removes the golden helmet.

“We have got to stop meeting like this, Avatar,” she smiles.

His eyes go wide. “A-Azula?”

The princess drops her helmet and tugs off her long robe and boots, setting it alight. Dressed much more simply, she rolls her shoulders.

“This time, we’ll see if your little peasant can give life back to ashes!”


Zuko and Katara swear.

"Look at it this way, Zuko; you get another chance to show what a pathetic waste you are. But if you surrender now, I'll give you both quick deaths."

"Y-you're a monster!"

His smile is not unlike his daughter’s. “Family trait, peasant."

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