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I'm done with finals!
        I'm done with finals!
              I'm done with finals and
                  :D  that makes me happy!

It was for French, and the for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to say 'his' and 'her'.
Now what am I gonna do with myself? I suppose read. Sleep. Write (still have to do those atlasecretsanta stories - SSSHHH! - and my usual updates) Since I'm done for the semester, I can do those thing without feeling bad for not studying and junk. Maybe MAYBE  I'll practice (or get some) 'mad guitar skillz'.

Next semester, I'm in the MLT program proper, and I'll have 3 classes for that, all in the same building. I'm still going to have to get up for 8 o'clock classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty much the same schedule from this past 150 give-or-take days, but longer hours and 6 classes. 6 because someone decided that my scholarship should have 15 hours instead of 12, the jerkwad.

After the final, my sister had decided yesterday that we were going to go shopping, looking for some stuff for John - the BF. We got everything we - she - set out to get. Let's see if I can remember everything:
  • Lucky pajamas (because the boy likes clovers)
  • 'Courageous' T-shirt
  • 3 string-hole, dark Sperrys
  • An engraved Bible
  • A book
  • The stupid camo wrapping paper XP
  • A not-girly journal that doesn't say 'Journal' so his brothers won't rag on him for writing about his feeling LOL
  • Some bookmarks
  • ...something else I can't remember...

Safe to say he's not getting those Oakley shades. She also bought these cute travel mugs for Mr. and Mrs. Tim's (they're trying to adopt her or something), had a friend pick up a lanyard(sp?) for another friend and...something else I can't remember.

And what did I get? She bought me Chai tea from Coffee Fusion (I love that stuff), a blue shirt-cover thing from Goodwill (for a $1. That's just awesome.), and a girly-journal that's not as large as John's (...poo). It was a pretty fun day. Oh! Food, too. She bought me Chick-fil-a.

Semi-related note: I am such a socially awkward idiot sometimes. Related to that: Michael's is a really neat store that I could waste so much $$$ in if I had any.

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Yesterday, I went to Praise in the Park in Lucedale and it was fantastic. As far as first concerts go, I loved it! They stared the thing off with a prayer. That was so cool.
Royal Tailor, Building 429, Leeland, Jeremy Camp and introducing  Hanover Dr (who didn't suck, surprisingly). I went half-deaf after Royal Tailor's perfomance (Note to self: don't get right up on the speakers) and so did my sister. After the whole thing was over, my ears were ringing for hours.
We left the coast at one and arrived at 2:50ish, got in, found a spot at the front, (my sister forgot the chairs and blankets so we just parked it) and waited forever for the good people to show up. They had other bands (Godspeed3 was pretty good), most not so pleasant to hear.
During Building 429's performance and Jeremy Camp's testimony about his first wife (she died of cancer after 4 1/2 months of their marriage, I cried. Not outright sobbing, but I was truly touched by it. Even my sister cried, and she doesn't do that, ever. That, and the words of some of the songs were truly beautiful.
I got Royal Tailor's CD and got them to sign it. There was this group of girls in front of me in the line, and one of their friends came up, hyperventilating and fluttering about 'That fine guy with the green hat who touched my hand!' She was very excited, to the point of hilarious. Her friends were trying to calm her down about it, but she'd have none of it.
"You're twelve!" they said. "He's, like, twenty-five and probably married."
"I don't care!" she said. 
Obviously, this one believes in true love. I think the one she was talking about was 
 Taurel Wells, the lead singer for Royal Tailor. I do believe I can sympathize with both parties actually. On one hand, the boy is fine. On the other hand, this happened 30 minutes ago so...come down, honey.
I did shake hands with Leeland though, with his pretty, pretty red hair.
If I were white, I'd want red hair. Speaking of colors, I counted, forgot, and estimated it to be about thirty black people at that thing. It was just something to do in between waiting for the bands to go up.
Also, the weather lied. It was supposed to be cold. I wore leggings, boots, flannel, and the sun is high and blazing. Yeah, that stuff had to go. Took of the flannel (of course it's Mississippi flannel, so it wasn't that bad) and went in a port-a-potty to take of the leggings. I must say, I'm impressed with my balance in desperate situations. Port-a-potties are disgusting, nasty things that only men should have to use. Ladies should get an actual facility built for them. Because that...was...disgusting. Interestingly enough, I didn't even have to use the bathroom since before I left my house at one and came back at 12 in the morning. I don't know if that was because my body needed all of the liquid it took in or because it realized that it didn't have a choice and I wasn't going to use those things.
Later on, it did get cold though and the leggings went back on.
I screamed my head off and sang along with all of Camp's and RT's song. Lording willing, I'm going again next year.
Oh, and I lost my phone. After the concert, we were running up the hill and toward our ride. I piggy-backed for a while, and I think during that incredibly short attempt, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket. However, we were already at a Church's chicken (because someone wanted chicken. I mean, really wanted chicken). My sister called the phone, and the guy drove over and gave it back. How awesome and good was that! I had to give him my last $20 (Well, not had to, but I HAD TO!). But I got my phone back, with all of my recordings from the concert.
It was just fantastic. I loved it, even the sitting around in the sun part, because it was part of the whole experience. Because we were so close to the front, we spotted Jarrod Ingram and Blake Hubbard from RT (RoyalTailor) near the bars of the gate. And yet we didn't go get a picture with them. A few people went up and talked to them, but it seemed like people they know, and we didn't want to look like a couple of fangirls (even though we kinda are). But there were a group of kids playing with a ball and it rolled under the gate. Jarrod got it for him and gave it back. 
So my sister said, "Man, we should have brought a ball."
And I said, "I have my ipod in my purse."
Thing was, I was seriously thinking about it.
But anyway, I think I'm going to get Facebook now.

I like Tea

Aug. 4th, 2011 07:25 pm
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 Having a cop as my sister's boyfriend is pretty fun sometimes. Last night, we three went to Applebee's (wings for 39 cents! Whoo!). Apparently, Sister's been getting phone calls from some dude in India, and it's been creeping her out. So he takes her phone (she gave it to him), calls him back, and we hear half of a very interesting, hilarious conversation.

We're trying not to bust out laughing and crying, because things were implied, the BF questioned the guy's English, abilities to cuss properly (he offered to give him a lesson. Such a sweetheart), seriously, it was funny. You had to be there. He called the guy twice, then once more when we were outside. After he told the guy he was a cop, (speakerphone) it was all 'No, sir, I won't call again.' No more fun.

Then he got in his truck bed (after Sister gave him his special fragrance-free body wash and lotion), he started dancing to Ledici - Pieces of Me and singing it. He shouldn't sing it.
Also, tea is my new thing. I've had at least one cup every day for the past week or so. And we (mother and some other ladies) are going to Orlando for a week. I guess it will count as my 'senior trip' although I graduated last year. Then we get back, it's back to school (either on the 18th or 19th. I should really figure out which. But the first day really doesn't matter; they just read the syllabus)
Sister wants me to file her paperwork. Girl be trippin'. Do I look like a secretary? I'll answer that for you: No. I really don't. Plus, being 'paid' with seeing the movie of my choice isn't gonna cut it. All the movies I want to see aren't playing anymore or she saw them already. I'll probably end up doing it anyway though. Because I'm a freaking sap.

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