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Mar. 18th, 2012 03:11 pm
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Steaming hot, bitter

Sweet powder and then a stir

A hug in a cup

If you would just smile

My heart would melt and you could

Drink it with a straw


Hope, that feathered bird

In its gilded cage sings of

The outside, blue sky


Always a joy bright

Little child full of wonder

Laughing wild always


Go forth, multiply

For the Lord God hath said it

Each child a present

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I don't know where my watch is. I'm posting this right now not because it's all that important (although I do really like that thing). It's mainly to avoid actually studying. It is upsetting though. Mom got tht watch for me as birthday present two maybe three years ago and I don't lose stuff like that. That's Heffa's thing.
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Is it just me or is it hard to stop watching Law & Order: CI? I really like Bobby. He's super cool. And really manipulative.

OR I'm just trying to avoid studying. Then again, why can't it be both?
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Let's see. What should I be doing now?
  • Studying for my French final. (Even though Madame is in the hospital after her surgery and stroke. I take back every ill thought about her.)
  • Studying for my Urinalysis test Thursday and the final.
  • Studying for Computer quiz Friday and final and completing that last project.
  • Ignoring Chemistry with extreme prejudice
  • Learning and practicing my parts for choir Friday.
Other stuff that's not as important that I should be doing:
  • Updating SGIH (It's been 4 months or something)
  • Updating all of the others (It's been longer than 4 months)
  • Completing several 'short' fics
  • Writing 'Crumbs in the Clockwork' (At least one more chapter - No, at least convert that one piece from paper to pixels before the year is out. Or no. At least save the thing from the Domain of Other Side of the Bed)
  • Updating 'Silver Lining'
  • Write that Mai/Jet fic for nuitsongeur
  • Write those other stories for atla_secretsanta (Sssshhhh!)
Of little to no importance:
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep floor
  • Finish laundry
  • Maybe - maybe - write another little story for Suzuki shipping week, which starts Dec. 4 to the 10th I think.
Lists make it seem like I have more to do than in reality. They're like the word 'And'. So let's see what all I can do instead of this stuff. 
The procrastination is strong in this way.

Also, saw big brother Steve today (and Doug and George). We did lunch, we schmoozed (sp?), we had talked, we had some laughs. It was nice. And I don't care what you say, Doug, I don't look like his freaking twin! Steve's nose is bigger than mine; his chin is different. I DON'T HAVE A GOATTEE!
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You know what I hate just above doing homework? Doing Mom's homework. Then having to go back and do it because apparently it wasn't done the right way.

But really, I am so blessed to have the mom that I do. I realize this, but I forget it a lot. Because if my mother - with all of her obvious flaws that I could write a book about; I have them too. Comes with humanity and our nature - were not a Christian, she would be so much worse. At this point, I'd probably had moved out with Steve when Heffa left and refused to take me with her. Yup.

And my arm hurts, fading in and out. See, when you're going to be an MLT, you have to get all of these shots because you're gonna be hanging out with people's body fluids, and this shot was the first of a series of three for Hep B. So there is Hep B in my arm, surging through my blood, and oh, my goodness what is wrong with me? I'm going to die.
And then Mom will sue the Health Department

I'm so tired of school. I'm especially tired of Chemistry, and it's just now getting cold down here, and that's just so encouraging me to get out of bed in the mornings. Coffee doesn't really seem to do it for me either. I should really be studying for that stupid quiz tomorrow. There was a French test Wednesday, but I forgot the nous conjugation for whatever the French word is for 'to be' which is etes. Which makes no sense when you're looking at the chart. I mean, they really just came out of nowhere with that set up. The French actually base their language on how it sounds, if it sounds good, it's a word - no matter how wrong it looks when compared to how it's spelled. Just completely ignore that a word ends in 'ent' and see how badly the other languages mess it up. Tee hee, very funny.

And now she rushing me about the homework I'm half-doing - obviously. And I feel like a have a fever, or mabye I'm just being dramatic, or maybe I shouldn't be wearing two shirts and that'd help.

Ugh. Rapture would be great right now. Actually, would have been pretty good yesterday, but hey, no rush. Whenever You're ready...but could You be ready sooner?


Sep. 29th, 2011 08:59 am
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i have a test in 3hrs for urinalysis(did i spell that right?). So I'm doing some last hour studying. Then after the test, we all get to pee in a cup - not the same one of course. Defeats the purpose - and put stuff in it to see if it changes colors and trw not to fall asleep on Caldwell. You wouldnt believe how hard that is. Also, posting from your phone ain't much worth it. Thumb cramps...

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Sep. 27th, 2011 02:56 pm
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I found this super-duper website with these gorgeously neato (those two words don't even go together at all ) Avatar graphics (There are some Hakoda and Jun! Not together though...) made by PondeReplay (which is such a great name. I still don't know what it means) at this (his...her?) website

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I have a test tomorrow at 9. I know this. I also know I don't know the material. So why am I on the computer? I keep doing this. I keep not doing my work, or even half trying. 

I don't know. I mean, the book is right here next to me, and I'm doing this! You see what I'm doing! I could take a picture and upload it, but that would be further extending this foolishness, such as how I'm using words repeatedly like foolishness and expounding on my stupidity for no reason and doing this run-on sentence all the in the name of Procrastination.


I'm done.

Except one more thing:

Vote for me for the next President of the ProcrastiNation!

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