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Title: Fight or Flight
Character: Ronon, OC, the Team
Words: 140+
Summary: The Team encounters Turanians. Drabble series # 2

Eventually, they were able to subdue the random, crazy, homicidal band of three unconscious on the…three? Sheppard spotted a scrap of orange fabric low behind a tree and approached slowly as Teyla talked Ronon into not shooting their attackers dead before they got answers from them, and McKay had a post-firefight panic attack.

Sheppard saw wide grey eyes set in a tanned, babyish face before a boot slammed into his knee, turning it a way it wasn't meant to turn. As the lieutenant-colonel’s leg collapsed under him, the orange-cloaked figure darted away toward the river. His flight was cut short when Ronon shot him, the red energy beam dropping him in an instant.

Upon inspecting the fourth and final mysterious person, they found that he was a lean boy with dirty blond hair not possibly older than thirteen. McKay and Teyla both gave Ronon a look. He looked pointedly at Sheppard who was still massaging his leg. A few inches higher, and the boy could have hit a much more sensitive area, and Ronon was already bleeding. He'd seen no reason to take the risk as he intended to try for kids someday.

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