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YSummary: Aang took his Firebending. What he should have taken was his Mindscrewbending.
A/N: One of a possible series where Ozai screws with people's heads.

Honestly, which ability has done more damage? )

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If you asked me if I'm happy I guess I'd say sure. Am I joyful? Probably I'd say and wonder at the question and give myself indigestion as I pick apart your motives and use of tense.
My life is utter bliss. Why should it be any less? Check out the wife, the kids, the cars. Even got the privacy fence. So handle your own splinter while I dress up this beam.
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A summary of my WIPs, priorities, and plans for them in the future. This will most likely seem rambling to anyone other than me.
Answering the Unquestioned (A:tLA)
Semi-related oneshots based on OC servants in the Fire Nation palace. Only two chapters have been completed. This story isn't very high priority on my list and will probably be shuffled back even more.
Bring Love Together (XMenEvo)
A tale of Kitty's meddling ways as she tries to pair up everyone in the mansion with the reluctant assisstance of Kurt. I want to see this one done and efforts will be made to see it complete.
And to think it started as a 'side' story.
Canary Pecked  (YJ)
Black Canary (Dinah Lance) sets up a meeting with the neglectful Man of Steel and gives him her thoughts on his involvment or lack thereof in Conner's life and the boy's need for some real training. The second chapter is half-way(ish) complete. A total of three or four chapters is expected.

Diamond in the Rough
The storehouse for all future Young Justice oneshots.
Far Far Away
The skewed 'fairy tale', classic romance of Rogue and Remy, the their trials as they try to reach New Orleans with the crazy mercenary Wilson on the tails, and the Mentalist and Wanda as companions. All while breaking down each other's barriers and falling in love along the way.

This story's gone a lot farther than I thought it would. This ranks just above BLT and just below SGIH in terms of importance. To me, anyway.
Hatter through the Looking Glass
I might as well mark this one as complete, and change the summary.
How Did That Happen? 
Same as above
How It Could Have Gone But Didn't
Same as above
Just About Brothers
A few chapters on the possible dynamic duo of Ozai and Lu Ten. Most of it is written out already and merely needs the transfer from paper to pixels.
Making It Right 
Toph's little adventure of tyring to set the ships to rights by breaking up Zuko and Katara with the help of Mai and at the cost of traumatizing Aang. Only one chapter done, and terribly low on the priorities list.

Rambling On 
The place for Naruto one-shots. It is unbelievably unpopular by myself and readers.
Scenes from a Rogue Life  (X Men Evo)
The snippets of life of Rogue as Logan's daughter and Wade's niece. Still stuck on the Babysitting arc featuring Tony Stark. Need to resolve the Pepper/Tony pairing, the plotting, a hyper Anna, and Wade's initial intro.
She Got It Honest
My baby. Three months is too long since an update. Rogue, Wade, and Logan join the X men, deal with Weapon X, Mystique, Magneto, Apocalpyse, and Remy. Later, Lucas as well. Before all that, the Siren section needs to be done as well as other events leading up to D of R. Oh, and Wade's girlfriend. 
This is definitely number one on my To Get Done list. Now all that's left to do is get 'er done.

Steel and Fire 
Oneshots for Zuko/Mai. Considering they're some of my first works, they're pretty good. However, this has completely lost my interest so it's probably best to change the status to complete and be done with it.

Ten Times Ten 
100 Drabbles to be written for the YJ based off of prompts that was formerly my set of vocabulary words for Speech class.

The Dark Knight, the Boy Wonder, and Patrick 
A challenge fic. Robin as the youngest in the Bat family, and his brother being my OC Patrick. Basically, I got stuck, and purposely forgot about it. I'll get to it when I get to it. 
Twas Mimsy
A challenge fill for the SongFic Challenge and the Scent Challenge for Young Justice. I have it mostly done, but I'm not sure I like what I have for it. Whatever. I'll probably go over it when I'm done with this and post it. Maybe later I'll do an alternate ending. Doubtful.
Warehouse of Imaginings
The place for all of my A:tLA oneshots. I doubt this will ever be considered completed.
We're Shoving Right Off
Mai is kidnapped by pirates, and the GAang has to rescue her. Or the pirates. Whoever they feel more sorry for. I want to see this done, but the problem is, I don't want to be the one to do it. 
Where You Go, I Go
On the Day of Black Sun, Mai leaves with Zuko when he goes to join the Avatar. See above

I'm not even going to dare go into the future fics at this point. I'd be going on way too long.

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