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Oct. 19th, 2011 09:37 pm
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If it were my job to write, I probably never would want to. This will be a list of stories to write. I'll edit this a lot, in theory.

Projects to write:
The Tozai or Probation for the Wicked
What to do with this one? The idea is this: After five years, FireLord Zuko has seen fit to offer his father some kind of mercy, completely unwarranted and foolish as it is. Ozai believes it to be a stupid idea, clearly showing it in his attitude and not the least bit greatful. Zuko has learned a thing or two however, and isn't about to let Ozai wander unsupervised. Toph will be his probation officer. The actual point of this, where it will end, I don't know yet. So far, I've got nothing but them trolling everyone. Perhaps Ozai could pick up a new skill since world tyranny and firebending are no longer options.

People to see, Places to go:

Kyoshi Island - Toph threatens to leave him there with Ty Lee

Bah Sing Se

The Sun Warriors


Wulong Forest

The Duke

They visit her parents at one point:
I'm pregnant )

Fic Storm with [ profile] chromeknickers

Caught & Released )

The Batman!Piandao
The Mai/Jet for nuitsongeur
Crumbs in the Clockwork
Projects now:
Canary Pecked
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These are going nowhere fast. They might not even be worth doing, but I don't want to delete them so here, they are.

Avatar: TLA

0. Match Made by Convenience


Piando needed an heir. In order to get one of those, a man usually needs a wife. It just so happens that the governor of Omashu (New Ozai) has a spare daughter running around somewhere. She's the perfect, Fire Nation lady; she plays the doll. Problem: she's like that all the time. And he's not sure, but she might actually hate him.

"I didn't think that I could ever find a place even more boring than Omashu. Kudos to you, darling."

He wasn't sure if that would have sounded any better if she'd actually used any emotion to word it.

When the princess shows up and 'asks' for his wife to accompany her on a journey to track down her brother, he's not sure. Because, believe or not, he thinks he might actually miss her.

1. Trapped

It's when he's about to lay one on Katara that Zuko realizes...this is not is world. He's trapped in fanfiction and so are his friends! But which one's are real and which ones are the others? Now he must find the Avatar and his friends and family and get home. A humor crack fic, obviously. The idea comes from a one-shot that's somewhere in my favorites or something.

2. Rolling Stone

At the end of Avatar, every one got paired up, Zai, Aangtara, Sukka (ha, sucker). Everyone but Toph. That's fine with her though. She's the Blind Bandit; she doesn't need anybody. Yup, we believe that. Which is why she's been wandering the world on her own for the past few years and her most recent 'apprentice' won't take no for an answer. That has nothing to do with the fact that her crush on Sokka decided to morph into love and it doesn't matter, even if he and Suki did break up. 'Cause how stupid is it to tell your best friend you're in love with him?

3. No title

A big huge what if that will probably make a lot of people mad if I don't do it right. What if LuTen had survived and Iroh had died at Bah Sing Se?

4. As Far As I Can Tell...

In Progress under the name Answering the Unquestioned

they're all crazy

One-shot type dealings from the perspective of an outsider, like a servant in the palace, or a worker at the Jasmine Dragon or whatever I can think up. The happenings will focus mostly after the war, but there might be a few during. xSuicunex gave me the idea.

5. What If?

What would the world be like if Aang had gotten frozen still, but there was no war?

6. Definitely Mabye No Sort of Yes (working title. Don't judge me for its suckness!)

In an AU world of no war, Prince Zuko is expected to marry. After being bullied by his wife, Prince Ozai arranges for his son to have options: he can pick his own wife out of six women. Lady Ty Lee orLady Mai of the Fire Nation, Lady Toph or Lady Jin of the Earth Kingdom, or Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe or Princess Katara of the Southern Water Tribe. He is so doomed!...and Aang crushing on Katara is so not helping.

7. Personality Swap

What the title says. Mai is bubbly. Katara is sadisitic. Ty Lee is sarcastic. Toph is brooding. Suki is dull. Azula is sane. And the boys are very, very afraid.

8. Machete227's crack!ship pairings


Toph hates parties. Toph does what she wants. Toph leaves the party and goes to visit Ozai for whatever reason. The first visit is the start of lifetime long acquaintance.

9. Avatar Presents: Cinderella

Can't you just see Toph twitching while mice are singing to her and that she has to cry about not being able to go to a party? Tokka

10. Used To (working title)

OzaixUrsa. They're'll go from there

11. Altered Features

If Ozai had been the 'good' brother rather than Iroh, would he still have tried to usurp the throne after Lu Ten died? If so, would it be crazy that he would offer himself in place of his son? No surprise that Ursa doesn't want her husband dead. Long live Fire Lord...

X Men (probably Evo version)

IN progress under the name Far Far Away

12. Rewriting a Cliche

The source of this damsel's distress is her supposed Prince Charming who doesn't seem to understand, 'Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not marry you' or harsher versions like 'GET AWAY FROM ME OR I WILL KILL YOU!' This Rogue dame just wants to go home. If she's lucky, she might lose her new Shadow. 'There you are, cherie!' She's never had good luck. I figure to put this one in fairy tale form. Yes, Remy will stalk her. He does that. I'll try to limit myself to only twelve chapters at the most for this'll probably end up novel length.

13. Currently Unnamed

Four time travelers from the future pop into the mansion one day. Who are they? Why do they seem vaguely familiar? Wait...does that little girl have red on black eyes? Who's the red headed boy? Is she blue? "Oh, yeah! Go me! I'm awesome! Who da time traverler? I am! I am!" "Yeah, great. Ya do know how to go forward right?" "...yeeeeeeeeea - no." "...I'm gonna kill you now." "No, wait! I'm, um, family!"

14. Nothing Wonderful about It're really touching on something about his pockets being Wonderland. That is crack material right there...and he's the 'King of Hearts'. GASP! Gambit is really a Wonderlandian and he seriously is trying to make Rogue his Queen!
Wait...he blows up his people...whatever. It's ok 'cause it's Remy.
Thank you BB. My idea stemming from Blackberryhuntress's review. I already had an idea close to this but that never occurred.

This will be more than a little epic length and a sort of crossover/takeover of SyFy's Alice. Once again, BB's fault.

15. Mad World

The world is a tragic place when a little girl loses her family and gets thrown in a compound crazy people. She's not crazy. Just because she has voices in her head and knows things she shouldn't possibly know, doesn't mean she's crazy. "You believe me, right?" The idea is slightly jacked from Ted Dekker's The Bride Collector, but not really all of it...but a LOT of it. I love that man's mind.

16. The Awful Truth

Ever seen that Cary Grant movie with Irene Dunn and Mr. Smith? Does anyone even know who those people are? Well I plan on doing a parody of that movie.

Naruto (I want to but I don't but someday I will...maybe)

17. Toad Hermit's Apprentice (working title)

Working with the idea that Ero-Sannin had grown a pair and raised Naruto like he was supposed to, what with him being godfather and all. "Ero-Jiji, why are we outside the bathouses?" "Why are you talking so loud?" Naturally, Jiraiya is still Jiraiya. They will have either Gaara, Sai, or that kid who does that thing with bones.

18. Family Man (I know the title sux)

Considering Kakashi's skill, it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to be sent to a foreign land for an extensive time undercover and what not, and it that time it would not be inconceivable that he would have 'relations' with one of the native woman. But I just don't see anyone thinking for one minute that he'd knock up a foreign kinouichi (I can't spell it. shut up or correct me) and she'd show up four years later with the little Hatake. Just after the Zabuzza arc. I hope I don't make a Mary Sue with this one.

19. Not Alone

Kushina gives birth to twins. The Kyuubi's intelligence is sealed in one, his power in the other.

20. Breaking the Truth

After slaying his clan, Itachi leaves his brother with information that could either get them both killed or help them take out all of Konoha's enemies. Working with the idea that Sasuke is aware of the truth from the beginning and is working with Itachi.

21. Clan Ties (in progress)

The Yondaime is dead and the Kyuubi is sealed. The villagers are calling for the demon vessel's death. Fortunately, the Uzumaki clan has come to resolve the issue of exactly whose protection the child is under. "Mya. You will stay and care for the child." "I would be honored to, Father."

Young Justice

22. No, He's a Clone; we're your partners

It's been done, but I'm plan to do my own version of a YJ/JL crossover.

23. By Technicality...Mentalist/XMenEvo

By technicality, Patrick Jane is not a psychic. An empath and a telepath though...The X Men didn't know what they were getting into when then went to check out this mutant. Especially when she ended up dead. Now, they're suspects to a murder, and Jane is, well, Jane.

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AU - Working Title 'Rewind and Play'
Working with the concept that Ozai is not a total bastard; certain people realize that Azulon dying will not solve anything because at present, Iroh is no better; Ursa is more than a baby-making, protective mother; Aang wakes up ten years earlier.

In this, Ozai is the one that takes the divergent path from the 'dark side', with help from his 'nagging' wife, and sets out to put himself on the throne with a decidely different route.

For this, I would be interested to hear anyone's concepts on firebending, Hakoda as a character, how sailing ships works, or anything you'd like to put in. It's going to be a while before this one is very truly started, so don't be shy.


Jun becomes a member of the White Lotus via stubborn pride and entrapment. Bumi thinks it a grand plan to give her to Piandao to mentor under, seeing how she was stalking him to begin with, so it's his fault; Jeong Jeong is just okay with it not being him.

Hijinks ensue

The one where Jun is grumpy, discontent, somewhat irrational and a mother and wife.

Yeah, that one is going to be expansive, like generation spanning. This is going to be one that I don't care if it gets reviews or not or whatever. This one is totally for me. At some point, I'll need to transfer from paper to bytes.

Through the Woods - Expanded

might continue the oneshot (filled for my meme) since the people on FF are so excited about it. I don't see it, personally. It's decent enough, rather amusing, and will probably make me laugh later.

The concept is Mai/Jet, but not exactly romance because he is fanatically against all things Fire Nation, and Mai has a thing about dirt and bathing, which he's pretty well covered in and doesn't seem to do often. Of course, that's just their personal opinions, which are subject to change. Then there's that whole kidnapping thing, but a little ambush in the woods and personal enmity has never stopped a ship from taking off before.

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