Dec. 3rd, 2011 04:43 pm
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This whole synchronized, period thing is really irritating. I mean more irritating than periods usually are. But when it's two at the same time: confrontation will occur; fights over pads and chocolate are bound to happen; caffiene is out - and I NEED my tea!
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I seem to have forgotten my jump drive. I so hope it's at home, somewhere I'll be able to find it. Because you konw, I have hundreds of stories and ideas (and school stuff, but who really cares about that crap?) on that thing. My Silver Lining folder is on there along with SGIH.


I need to go to freaking sleep...

I suppose I also need to study for that stupid test at twelve too. 

  le SIGH

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It maybe called psychosis. That was first semester stuff. Although, if you don't sleep enough you could become psychotic and that's how that one guy end up stabbing his wife...or something.

Point: I haven't been getting enough sleep this week. Sunday, before evening service of church, I had some coffee, and didn't really sleep that night. Just sort of laid there for hours and hours and hours...

Then Monday, I didn't have coffee. It's always hard for me to fall asleep though.

Tuesday, for some stupid reason I don't understand, I woke up at like 3:40 in the A.M. I couldn't figure out what woke me up. I mean, Wide Awake. There was no reason why I should have woken up. It was dead quiet, but the heater was running and made it a little warm so maybe that's why. Thing is, I didn't really get back to sleep 'til around five, I don't know. It's make me miss the owl a little bit. At least then, there was a reason, and there was something I could focus my hatred and resentment for my interruption of sleep on.

 Then I woke up at 6:30. I should have killed my stupid phone.

I'm thinking that apparently, I'm still prone to sugar rushes and fits of hilarity (Like when people are on crack or whatever and everything's funny and they can't stop moving or talking. And then everything just gets super chill. Except with me, I still have the underlying crazy energy) or something because I ate a lot of chocolate (Mom got bags and put them on the table. I also apparently have no self-control). So I'm thinking I got maybe three hours last night before waking up at 6:30.

And now I'm here, at school, on break for 3 hours until my class at twelve. At least we only have to take a test and get out. Or at least, I hope she doesn't lecture us. Aw crap, she's probably going to lecture us.

So tired. So very, very unhappy.

I fail

Sep. 12th, 2011 06:03 pm
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Tomorrow, first thing bright and early, I have a chemistry test. I will flunk it. I'm just sayin'; it's a fact.

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