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Read and Review challenge 

able of Doom

01.Gray (1331)02.Action/Adventure (1069)03.First (1329)04.Coming Home05.Happy (1000)
06.Once Upon a Time (1000)07.Max Beerbohm Quote08.First Line (1199)09.Rolling in the Deep (2368)10.The Great Escape (1333)

7 to go
More info
1. Gray - a color or even a mood.
2. Action/Adventure - a genre.

3. First - an ordinal number.
4. Coming Home - because unless you're agoraphobic, sometimes you leave, and generally, you come back.
5. Happy - a pleasant mood.
6. Once Upon a Time - a fairy tale beginning...gruesome things are sure to follow.
7. “To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature.” --Max Beerbohm
8. Use this first line in your story: “[name] shivered, pulling [his/her] jacket tighter around [him/her] and digging [his/her] numb hands under [his/her] arms.”
9. Rolling in the Deep by Adele (Lyrics
10. The Great Escape - a book, a movie, a bike/hobby shop, and much much more...
11-15. Five times someone did, said, was, wasn't, (insert verb here) something or other.
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Title: Five Ways to Tomorrow (or 5 times Patrick Jane wasn't a CBI consultant or simply Five AU fics)
Prompt: Five Times...
Word Count: 1311
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: the Mentalist
Pairings (if any):
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage):  AU
Summary: Patrick Jane is a consultant of a different kind.

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 Title:  Good Night

prompt: Cold Comfort
Word Count: 474
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: original
Pairings (if any): not yet
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc): …this is a sort of follow-up to All Through the Night (What is RPF?)
Summary: So options – take your chances with the creatures in the forest or the one sharing your camp.


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Title: Underatedly overate
Prompt: Coming Home
Word Count: 1159
Rating: T
Original/Fandom: X Men
Pairings (if any): Domino/Deadpool
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): ...
Summary: Hope is a very disappointing bird.


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Title: Urkel Complex
Prompt: Fluff, coffee
Bonus? ...yes
Word Count: 502
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: X Men
Pairings (if any): Domino/Deadpool...sort of
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): ...
Summary: The problem isn't so much that he's a nerd but a homicidal, schizoid lunatic.


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Title: Over Troubled Waters
Prompt: Great Escape
Word Count:
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairings (if any): Kanna/Pakku
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage: Slight AU that's only noticeable if you've seen the show.
Summary: The problem with an escape is someone somewhere always spots you.

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Title: A Fine Mess
Prompt: Oxymoron
Bonus? no
Word Count: 571
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia/Robin Hood BBC
Pairings (if any) hinted one-sided Guy/Marian
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc): Crossover
Summary: Maid Susan in the service of the House of Knighton in Locksley

>---->Knighton Hall, Locksley>-----> )

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...AU - Avatar June companion piece...

Title: Now Is Not Forever
Prompt: Five Times (June Fell in Love #1)
Word Count: 1057
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: Avatar: the last airbender
Pairings (if any): June/Piandao
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): AU - Avatar June
Summary: This is almost not the typical tale of unrequited love. She's just not sure how.

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Title: For the Love of Money
Prompt: Action/Adventure
Word Count: 1069
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: X-Men/TheManWithNoName
Pairings (if any): ...
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): Crossover
Summary: The Man with No Name meets the wildest duo.

Challenge #3

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Title: Exits Are Here and Here
Word Count: 316
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any): ...
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): ...vaguely implied death?
Summary: It's time to move on. Quickly.
Sentence: If I fall through to the floor below and break my legs, I could die in this house, alone. (The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker)
Sentence included? Y/N: N

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Title: Over the Seas
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairings (if any): none
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): AU (AvatarJune)
Summary: A detour aboard ship


it's anchors away )
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Title: (Despair:) Make a Home Down There
Prompt: Rolling in the Deep
Word Count: 2368
Rating: T
Original/Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairings (if any): Jane, Lisbon, ensemble...Alex
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage):
Summary: Blood is thicker than water and lies

Challenge 3

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“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft. I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die. The truth is that you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it.” Anne Lamott
about us
We are a creative writing group for all those that love to write and love to help others write. Prose, poetry, screen-writing ranging from fanfiction to original fiction to much, much more! See our FAQ & Rulesto learn more!
We are a reinvention of the now defunct [livejournal.com profile] fictionland and so we give a hearty thank you and tip of the hat to [livejournal.com profile] regularamanda. Also, many thanks to all the land comms out there, in particular [livejournal.com profile] stargatelandwhich has a phenomenal set up and from which we drew heavily for our formatting. Add'l words of thanks: simcatsubame, blindingsparkle, chaviola, maichan808 and a_way_of_sin for sparkle text resources.

If you decide to join up (and believe me, you want to. Loads of fun), please do mention my name.

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Title: All Through the Night
prompt: The Forest Dark
Word Count: 376
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: original
Pairings (if any): uh...no
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc):
Summary: They say the woods are dangerous.


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Title: High Risk, High Reward
Prompt: sunrise
Word Count: 711
Rating: t
Pairings (if any)gen
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc): Implied character death
Summary:It’s a game for people with nothing to lose.

This is just weird )

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Title: Hug in a Cup
Word Count: 178
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: the Mentalist
Pairings (if any):
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc):
Summary: A cup of tea is like a hug in a cup. Duh.
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