Mar. 21st, 2012 04:48 pm
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Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to start a story. The general idea is there, the motivation, and all that. The execution is lacking; not quite lacking, but...erratic and messy. I have notes, random scenes and words, and no clue (or time).

I am going to need a beta. Maybe a support group.

The one I'm focusing on now: Avatar AU with June and Piandao. I had a moment when I wrote something that I actually really like. But I'm starting to get to a point with my writing that I second guess everything I write. Why did I do that? Would they say that? Does that make sense? Okay, that's just stupid; or is it?

I don't know where that's coming from. Always discovering new respect for the real deal authors with expectations and deadlines. Ted Dekker is my hero; I mean, a trilogy in three months? No. Words. For how awesome that is.
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I don't know where my watch is. I'm posting this right now not because it's all that important (although I do really like that thing). It's mainly to avoid actually studying. It is upsetting though. Mom got tht watch for me as birthday present two maybe three years ago and I don't lose stuff like that. That's Heffa's thing.
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You know what I hate just above doing homework? Doing Mom's homework. Then having to go back and do it because apparently it wasn't done the right way.

But really, I am so blessed to have the mom that I do. I realize this, but I forget it a lot. Because if my mother - with all of her obvious flaws that I could write a book about; I have them too. Comes with humanity and our nature - were not a Christian, she would be so much worse. At this point, I'd probably had moved out with Steve when Heffa left and refused to take me with her. Yup.

And my arm hurts, fading in and out. See, when you're going to be an MLT, you have to get all of these shots because you're gonna be hanging out with people's body fluids, and this shot was the first of a series of three for Hep B. So there is Hep B in my arm, surging through my blood, and oh, my goodness what is wrong with me? I'm going to die.
And then Mom will sue the Health Department

I'm so tired of school. I'm especially tired of Chemistry, and it's just now getting cold down here, and that's just so encouraging me to get out of bed in the mornings. Coffee doesn't really seem to do it for me either. I should really be studying for that stupid quiz tomorrow. There was a French test Wednesday, but I forgot the nous conjugation for whatever the French word is for 'to be' which is etes. Which makes no sense when you're looking at the chart. I mean, they really just came out of nowhere with that set up. The French actually base their language on how it sounds, if it sounds good, it's a word - no matter how wrong it looks when compared to how it's spelled. Just completely ignore that a word ends in 'ent' and see how badly the other languages mess it up. Tee hee, very funny.

And now she rushing me about the homework I'm half-doing - obviously. And I feel like a have a fever, or mabye I'm just being dramatic, or maybe I shouldn't be wearing two shirts and that'd help.

Ugh. Rapture would be great right now. Actually, would have been pretty good yesterday, but hey, no rush. Whenever You're ready...but could You be ready sooner?

Quick note

Sep. 25th, 2011 04:30 pm
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I, insert name here, do hereby state unequivocal and unending hatred for that most ridiculed and mocking thing called Chemistry for now and forever.
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 I have been trying all after noon to make at least one more ficlet for my Jundao story. It really didn't work. Jun and Piandao aren't really two characters I easily 'get'. Therefore, you could understand that I'm a little 'irked' with them and my muse (whom I imagine to be a blue fox with incredible dance skills). Instead of writing that out, I wrote that little drabble below this one about Ozai. Yes, he's evil, but I like him. I think of him as insane, and I seem to like insane/mentally disturbed characters. (i.e. Deadpool, Patrick Jane, that guy from Law&Order CI, Glitch, Charlie  various other people I can't remember)

Also, I don't like sloppy joes. I just don't.

That is all.

Oh! Happy 4th of July!

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