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At some point, I'm going to write an original piece(once I figure out pesky things like plot), and this will be in it:

“Do not provoke me to smite you.”
“Ah-ah. A house divided against itself cannot stand, brother.”
The other angel refrained from rolling his eyes, but the sentiment was still there.

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So with my 'Warehouse' (which if any of you read, skip to ch 12. Everything before is beginner stuff I don't have the heart to erase...yet), there are several one-shots I'm sort of supposed to probably do something like a sequel for. I've done a sequel set for the first twelve (which should be skipped), but I think I'll do it a bit more selectively. With that in mind, this is a 'To Do' list. (But don't you know I should be doing homework. At least I didn't make an official New Year resolution so it's not broken:)

To be Continued's )

And a lot before that chapter is starting to make me cringe. Wow, I was such a newb. I like to think I've improved, but I'm biased, aren't I? I mean, back then, I thought I was writing Gold, and was that even a year ago? Maybe two. Give it a few more years, if I'm still doing this - and short of the Rapture, death, carpal tunnel, various other things, I probably will be - and I'll look back and think the same thing. I suppose that's why I haven't deleted all (most) of my old stories: it shows my progress.

I wonder if I'll have any of these written anytime soon, and how I'll use 'working' on these as an excuse to not update my other fics.
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Let's see. What should I be doing now?
  • Studying for my French final. (Even though Madame is in the hospital after her surgery and stroke. I take back every ill thought about her.)
  • Studying for my Urinalysis test Thursday and the final.
  • Studying for Computer quiz Friday and final and completing that last project.
  • Ignoring Chemistry with extreme prejudice
  • Learning and practicing my parts for choir Friday.
Other stuff that's not as important that I should be doing:
  • Updating SGIH (It's been 4 months or something)
  • Updating all of the others (It's been longer than 4 months)
  • Completing several 'short' fics
  • Writing 'Crumbs in the Clockwork' (At least one more chapter - No, at least convert that one piece from paper to pixels before the year is out. Or no. At least save the thing from the Domain of Other Side of the Bed)
  • Updating 'Silver Lining'
  • Write that Mai/Jet fic for nuitsongeur
  • Write those other stories for atla_secretsanta (Sssshhhh!)
Of little to no importance:
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep floor
  • Finish laundry
  • Maybe - maybe - write another little story for Suzuki shipping week, which starts Dec. 4 to the 10th I think.
Lists make it seem like I have more to do than in reality. They're like the word 'And'. So let's see what all I can do instead of this stuff. 
The procrastination is strong in this way.

Also, saw big brother Steve today (and Doug and George). We did lunch, we schmoozed (sp?), we had talked, we had some laughs. It was nice. And I don't care what you say, Doug, I don't look like his freaking twin! Steve's nose is bigger than mine; his chin is different. I DON'T HAVE A GOATTEE!

To Write

Oct. 19th, 2011 09:37 pm
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If it were my job to write, I probably never would want to. This will be a list of stories to write. I'll edit this a lot, in theory.

Projects to write:
The Tozai or Probation for the Wicked
What to do with this one? The idea is this: After five years, FireLord Zuko has seen fit to offer his father some kind of mercy, completely unwarranted and foolish as it is. Ozai believes it to be a stupid idea, clearly showing it in his attitude and not the least bit greatful. Zuko has learned a thing or two however, and isn't about to let Ozai wander unsupervised. Toph will be his probation officer. The actual point of this, where it will end, I don't know yet. So far, I've got nothing but them trolling everyone. Perhaps Ozai could pick up a new skill since world tyranny and firebending are no longer options.

People to see, Places to go:

Kyoshi Island - Toph threatens to leave him there with Ty Lee

Bah Sing Se

The Sun Warriors


Wulong Forest

The Duke

They visit her parents at one point:
I'm pregnant )

Fic Storm with [livejournal.com profile] chromeknickers

Caught & Released )

The Batman!Piandao
The Mai/Jet for nuitsongeur
Crumbs in the Clockwork
Projects now:
Canary Pecked

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