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I'm done with finals!
        I'm done with finals!
              I'm done with finals and
                  :D  that makes me happy!

It was for French, and the for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to say 'his' and 'her'.
Now what am I gonna do with myself? I suppose read. Sleep. Write (still have to do those atlasecretsanta stories - SSSHHH! - and my usual updates) Since I'm done for the semester, I can do those thing without feeling bad for not studying and junk. Maybe MAYBE  I'll practice (or get some) 'mad guitar skillz'.

Next semester, I'm in the MLT program proper, and I'll have 3 classes for that, all in the same building. I'm still going to have to get up for 8 o'clock classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty much the same schedule from this past 150 give-or-take days, but longer hours and 6 classes. 6 because someone decided that my scholarship should have 15 hours instead of 12, the jerkwad.

After the final, my sister had decided yesterday that we were going to go shopping, looking for some stuff for John - the BF. We got everything we - she - set out to get. Let's see if I can remember everything:
  • Lucky pajamas (because the boy likes clovers)
  • 'Courageous' T-shirt
  • 3 string-hole, dark Sperrys
  • An engraved Bible
  • A book
  • The stupid camo wrapping paper XP
  • A not-girly journal that doesn't say 'Journal' so his brothers won't rag on him for writing about his feeling LOL
  • Some bookmarks
  • ...something else I can't remember...

Safe to say he's not getting those Oakley shades. She also bought these cute travel mugs for Mr. and Mrs. Tim's (they're trying to adopt her or something), had a friend pick up a lanyard(sp?) for another friend and...something else I can't remember.

And what did I get? She bought me Chai tea from Coffee Fusion (I love that stuff), a blue shirt-cover thing from Goodwill (for a $1. That's just awesome.), and a girly-journal that's not as large as John's (...poo). It was a pretty fun day. Oh! Food, too. She bought me Chick-fil-a.

Semi-related note: I am such a socially awkward idiot sometimes. Related to that: Michael's is a really neat store that I could waste so much $$$ in if I had any.


Sep. 19th, 2011 03:55 pm
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I do like these things
Expressing things in little 
Bits of poignant shorts.

Salvation confounds                     
The reason of men to a                
Degree so unknown                      

The Spirit is more
Imporant than the flesh for
It shall never die

The glory of God
Refines and consumes all men
Give praise to the Lord

I must still believe
Even when my heart would doubt.
This thing is called faith.
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Who forgot her lab notebook, after she pulled a scantron out the thing and shoved it in her bag? Who forgot her freaking pencil box, leaving it to sit ever so lonely on the stupid desk at home? Who doesn't know how to make a frikkin' mole?
Any guesses?
I blame Dad. He was teasing me yesterday about my tea drinking - which used to be coffee drinking, but it makes for an erratic heartbeat - and saying maybe I should try drinking only every other day. Well, I had two yesterday, so I'm like 'Oh, this'll be easy', despite Daddy saying I'm addicted. I am not. I am just somewhat used to operating with an above average amount of caffiene in my system. Without it, my brain function seems to be a little less, considering the rather important items I left behind.

In any event, I can in fact quit anytime, and I will not be telling Daddy Darling about this little mishap. And in the future, not getting the caffiene in on the day I have to wake up at six rather than seven, yeah, that should be reversed.

Also, I think I will actually do homework today, once the taco salad is done. Maybe. I mean, I should. It would be the sensible thing to do.

A thought

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:38 am
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It comes to my attention that I'm seriously taking fictional characters and their ways far too...well, not seriously but yeah, that. I drink tea now. I've always liked tea (with enough sugar anyway), but now I've become a little insistent on drinking at least one cup a day. It substitutes the coffee, which is far more expensive and has way too much dairy (creamer) to be comfortable on my bladder. But I think the main reason I'm all into tea-drinking is because of 

(a) Patrick Jane from the TV show the Mentalist  

and (b)and Iroh from Avatar the last airbender.
That's just what I think.

I like Tea

Aug. 4th, 2011 07:25 pm
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 Having a cop as my sister's boyfriend is pretty fun sometimes. Last night, we three went to Applebee's (wings for 39 cents! Whoo!). Apparently, Sister's been getting phone calls from some dude in India, and it's been creeping her out. So he takes her phone (she gave it to him), calls him back, and we hear half of a very interesting, hilarious conversation.

We're trying not to bust out laughing and crying, because things were implied, the BF questioned the guy's English, abilities to cuss properly (he offered to give him a lesson. Such a sweetheart), seriously, it was funny. You had to be there. He called the guy twice, then once more when we were outside. After he told the guy he was a cop, (speakerphone) it was all 'No, sir, I won't call again.' No more fun.

Then he got in his truck bed (after Sister gave him his special fragrance-free body wash and lotion), he started dancing to Ledici - Pieces of Me and singing it. He shouldn't sing it.
Also, tea is my new thing. I've had at least one cup every day for the past week or so. And we (mother and some other ladies) are going to Orlando for a week. I guess it will count as my 'senior trip' although I graduated last year. Then we get back, it's back to school (either on the 18th or 19th. I should really figure out which. But the first day really doesn't matter; they just read the syllabus)
Sister wants me to file her paperwork. Girl be trippin'. Do I look like a secretary? I'll answer that for you: No. I really don't. Plus, being 'paid' with seeing the movie of my choice isn't gonna cut it. All the movies I want to see aren't playing anymore or she saw them already. I'll probably end up doing it anyway though. Because I'm a freaking sap.

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