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March 2, 2013 - save the date.
So John proposed to Risa Saturday.

very, very long )

And that was Saturday and Sunday.
And now his eyes have a bacterial infection and Risa is venting at me as I type.

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Yesterday, I went to Praise in the Park in Lucedale and it was fantastic. As far as first concerts go, I loved it! They stared the thing off with a prayer. That was so cool.
Royal Tailor, Building 429, Leeland, Jeremy Camp and introducing  Hanover Dr (who didn't suck, surprisingly). I went half-deaf after Royal Tailor's perfomance (Note to self: don't get right up on the speakers) and so did my sister. After the whole thing was over, my ears were ringing for hours.
We left the coast at one and arrived at 2:50ish, got in, found a spot at the front, (my sister forgot the chairs and blankets so we just parked it) and waited forever for the good people to show up. They had other bands (Godspeed3 was pretty good), most not so pleasant to hear.
During Building 429's performance and Jeremy Camp's testimony about his first wife (she died of cancer after 4 1/2 months of their marriage, I cried. Not outright sobbing, but I was truly touched by it. Even my sister cried, and she doesn't do that, ever. That, and the words of some of the songs were truly beautiful.
I got Royal Tailor's CD and got them to sign it. There was this group of girls in front of me in the line, and one of their friends came up, hyperventilating and fluttering about 'That fine guy with the green hat who touched my hand!' She was very excited, to the point of hilarious. Her friends were trying to calm her down about it, but she'd have none of it.
"You're twelve!" they said. "He's, like, twenty-five and probably married."
"I don't care!" she said. 
Obviously, this one believes in true love. I think the one she was talking about was 
 Taurel Wells, the lead singer for Royal Tailor. I do believe I can sympathize with both parties actually. On one hand, the boy is fine. On the other hand, this happened 30 minutes ago so...come down, honey.
I did shake hands with Leeland though, with his pretty, pretty red hair.
If I were white, I'd want red hair. Speaking of colors, I counted, forgot, and estimated it to be about thirty black people at that thing. It was just something to do in between waiting for the bands to go up.
Also, the weather lied. It was supposed to be cold. I wore leggings, boots, flannel, and the sun is high and blazing. Yeah, that stuff had to go. Took of the flannel (of course it's Mississippi flannel, so it wasn't that bad) and went in a port-a-potty to take of the leggings. I must say, I'm impressed with my balance in desperate situations. Port-a-potties are disgusting, nasty things that only men should have to use. Ladies should get an actual facility built for them. Because that...was...disgusting. Interestingly enough, I didn't even have to use the bathroom since before I left my house at one and came back at 12 in the morning. I don't know if that was because my body needed all of the liquid it took in or because it realized that it didn't have a choice and I wasn't going to use those things.
Later on, it did get cold though and the leggings went back on.
I screamed my head off and sang along with all of Camp's and RT's song. Lording willing, I'm going again next year.
Oh, and I lost my phone. After the concert, we were running up the hill and toward our ride. I piggy-backed for a while, and I think during that incredibly short attempt, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket. However, we were already at a Church's chicken (because someone wanted chicken. I mean, really wanted chicken). My sister called the phone, and the guy drove over and gave it back. How awesome and good was that! I had to give him my last $20 (Well, not had to, but I HAD TO!). But I got my phone back, with all of my recordings from the concert.
It was just fantastic. I loved it, even the sitting around in the sun part, because it was part of the whole experience. Because we were so close to the front, we spotted Jarrod Ingram and Blake Hubbard from RT (RoyalTailor) near the bars of the gate. And yet we didn't go get a picture with them. A few people went up and talked to them, but it seemed like people they know, and we didn't want to look like a couple of fangirls (even though we kinda are). But there were a group of kids playing with a ball and it rolled under the gate. Jarrod got it for him and gave it back. 
So my sister said, "Man, we should have brought a ball."
And I said, "I have my ipod in my purse."
Thing was, I was seriously thinking about it.
But anyway, I think I'm going to get Facebook now.
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You know what I hate just above doing homework? Doing Mom's homework. Then having to go back and do it because apparently it wasn't done the right way.

But really, I am so blessed to have the mom that I do. I realize this, but I forget it a lot. Because if my mother - with all of her obvious flaws that I could write a book about; I have them too. Comes with humanity and our nature - were not a Christian, she would be so much worse. At this point, I'd probably had moved out with Steve when Heffa left and refused to take me with her. Yup.

And my arm hurts, fading in and out. See, when you're going to be an MLT, you have to get all of these shots because you're gonna be hanging out with people's body fluids, and this shot was the first of a series of three for Hep B. So there is Hep B in my arm, surging through my blood, and oh, my goodness what is wrong with me? I'm going to die.
And then Mom will sue the Health Department

I'm so tired of school. I'm especially tired of Chemistry, and it's just now getting cold down here, and that's just so encouraging me to get out of bed in the mornings. Coffee doesn't really seem to do it for me either. I should really be studying for that stupid quiz tomorrow. There was a French test Wednesday, but I forgot the nous conjugation for whatever the French word is for 'to be' which is etes. Which makes no sense when you're looking at the chart. I mean, they really just came out of nowhere with that set up. The French actually base their language on how it sounds, if it sounds good, it's a word - no matter how wrong it looks when compared to how it's spelled. Just completely ignore that a word ends in 'ent' and see how badly the other languages mess it up. Tee hee, very funny.

And now she rushing me about the homework I'm half-doing - obviously. And I feel like a have a fever, or mabye I'm just being dramatic, or maybe I shouldn't be wearing two shirts and that'd help.

Ugh. Rapture would be great right now. Actually, would have been pretty good yesterday, but hey, no rush. Whenever You're ready...but could You be ready sooner?
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My mom has this thing about her sweet tea needing one or two blocks of ice, depending on whether it's half a glass or full. I am the kid that's here most times. I'm the one she sends to fetch whatever it is she wants. I know. I know that you want the ice in there first. You don't have to say it. I said as much to her.
Then she said something like, she does have to tell me; the ice floats.
And I agreed. The ice does float; that's what it does. That was me being a bit sarcastic, but I held back. I left out the part about, ice floating is the entire reason the Titanic went down. So good for me. I deserve a cookie. But really, I think she sometimes does these things just to annoy me. 'Cause she's a mean, old lady. Even Dad says it. But we mean it with love; it can't be anything else. At this point, after this long, anything else isn't really an option.
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  • Went to church.
  • Hung out, talked about nothing.
  • Bad-mouthed Heffa for thinking she'd left me and Tina.
  • Found her on the other side of the line of cars.
  • Tina and I agreed not to mention talking about her.
  • Rode to Biloxi, while whining about the Cruisin' the Coast tourists.
  • Went to Nuke's, had to spend my own money on food that wasn't that good.
  • Went to the mall, lost my sister and Tina (she left us)
  • Wandered around Dillard's, looked purses - so pretty and purple!
  • Went to Charlotte Russe, hated everything there, and Heffa left me again.
  • Went back to Dillard's, wandered around downstairs looking for the bathroom until I remembered it was upstairs.
  • Met Tina coming out of Charlotte Russe, and we wandered around.
  • Don't like Shoe Department.
  • Went to Spencer's Gifts - actually, we kinda just stood outside of it because we thought Heffa was there but didn't go in because it looked...questionable.
  • Headed to Books A Million after that, observed two dudes in front of us - pull your pants up, stop wearing muscle T-shirts, cut your freaking hair! - and talked about them, stopped at Payless.
  • Found some cute shoes, but didn't have enough to buy them. I need a job.
  • Left there, went to book store, and Tina geeked out over yogurt.
  • Bought a book (Ted Dekker!) and got a little annoyed by Lydia the Checkout Chick.
  • Left there, went to Goodwill. Risa bought my clothes, but $3? She's not that great.
  • Went to Walmart, and my shoes suck.
  • Got annoyed with Heffa.
  • Ate the rest of my sandwich.
  • Went back to church.
And then it was time to go home.

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I have a test tomorrow at 9. I know this. I also know I don't know the material. So why am I on the computer? I keep doing this. I keep not doing my work, or even half trying. 

I don't know. I mean, the book is right here next to me, and I'm doing this! You see what I'm doing! I could take a picture and upload it, but that would be further extending this foolishness, such as how I'm using words repeatedly like foolishness and expounding on my stupidity for no reason and doing this run-on sentence all the in the name of Procrastination.


I'm done.

Except one more thing:

Vote for me for the next President of the ProcrastiNation!


Sep. 19th, 2011 03:55 pm
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I do like these things
Expressing things in little 
Bits of poignant shorts.

Salvation confounds                     
The reason of men to a                
Degree so unknown                      

The Spirit is more
Imporant than the flesh for
It shall never die

The glory of God
Refines and consumes all men
Give praise to the Lord

I must still believe
Even when my heart would doubt.
This thing is called faith.

A thought

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:38 am
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It comes to my attention that I'm seriously taking fictional characters and their ways far too...well, not seriously but yeah, that. I drink tea now. I've always liked tea (with enough sugar anyway), but now I've become a little insistent on drinking at least one cup a day. It substitutes the coffee, which is far more expensive and has way too much dairy (creamer) to be comfortable on my bladder. But I think the main reason I'm all into tea-drinking is because of 

(a) Patrick Jane from the TV show the Mentalist  

and (b)and Iroh from Avatar the last airbender.
That's just what I think.

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