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I just realized that this lotion expired last year ( which begs the question of why lotion expires?). But you know, maybe that's why it's BURNING MY FACE right now. Or maybe it's 'refreshing' and 'tingling action'.
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So I was in McDonalds with my sister while she downloaded songs onto her secret computer (which took like an hour). And McD's has these tvs with caption and I like to read. I saw Pakistanis set two giant pictures of Obama and Hilary Clinton(almost called her Duff lol) and the American flag on fire.

A Florida moths is in jail for neglectful manslaughter after her twelve year old son shoved his three year old brother into a bookcase hard enough to knock him out. The 'mom' surfed the Internet and downloaded songs four(?) hours before taking the bleeding baby o the hospital; the baby is dead. He twelve year old is being charged for first degree murder as an adult.

And in some way that I fail to understand, our Air Force lost a $6 million STEALTH drone plane...to Iran. HOW DOES THAT FLIPPING HAPPEN!?!?!?

In more personal news, Steve has tattoos. Stars, something else, and a Bible verse in some 'modern translation'. Deuteronomy 7:21. And our subFrench teacher is terribly surprised that we weren't taught how to form sentences; I am too.

Seriosuly though, who is the moron hat lost the flipping plane!? Fire that guy! I mean what? Just... What?
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I seem to have forgotten my jump drive. I so hope it's at home, somewhere I'll be able to find it. Because you konw, I have hundreds of stories and ideas (and school stuff, but who really cares about that crap?) on that thing. My Silver Lining folder is on there along with SGIH.


I need to go to freaking sleep...

I suppose I also need to study for that stupid test at twelve too. 

  le SIGH

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I have a test tomorrow at 9. I know this. I also know I don't know the material. So why am I on the computer? I keep doing this. I keep not doing my work, or even half trying. 

I don't know. I mean, the book is right here next to me, and I'm doing this! You see what I'm doing! I could take a picture and upload it, but that would be further extending this foolishness, such as how I'm using words repeatedly like foolishness and expounding on my stupidity for no reason and doing this run-on sentence all the in the name of Procrastination.


I'm done.

Except one more thing:

Vote for me for the next President of the ProcrastiNation!


Sep. 15th, 2011 02:53 pm
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I swear, I am the stupidest moron on the face of the planet right now. I would slap me if I believed in self-punishment or thought it would help, but my gosh...I am dumb.

...'I don't want to talk about it'...That's what I frikkin' said, the actual words that caused this little pity party. Imbecile.

The depths of my own stupidity stagger me at times...

If I hadn't realized just how badly I shoved my foot in my mouth, this wouldn't - well, no, of course I wouldn't. Ignorance of the fact and all that.

...Lord, help me, this your idiot child. Because seriously, I don't even know what's wrong with me. You know. You made me, and before You did, You must have looked at the moment and just rolled Your eyes. But seeing that, You still decided to go ahead with the plan to see me born, moronic though I may be. And seeing as You are the One Who made all things glorious, made me, and re-made me, I must be glorious as well. Although I obviously am not anywhere near the level You would have me to be yet because...'I don't want to talk about it.'

To pull an Adam and Even type flavor, he really should have made it clear what exaxtly 'it' was. I shouldn't have listened though, and tried to understand rather than giving him the brush off. But...I couldn't help it. Gold teeth creep me out. I mean, they really do. When have gold teeth ever represented something good? Gangsters have gold teeth. Pirates have gold teeth, if they even have teeth. Rappers, and I don't like them either.

And his name is Jimmie. I have yet to meet anyone - Jimmy Needham doesn't count; he's just a singer whose music I enjoy - by that name who was anything but trouble. That's completely not fair though. It's really not.

But see, that's me putting the blame off on something/one else when I'm at fault too, and to a greater extent because those things don't control me. I control me, and how stuff affects me. So it's on my head.

And I am so surprised I don't know more words for stupid.

Oh! Stupido! Yeah, there's one. Gettin' bilingual with it now. But whatever. An idiot by any other name...

"I don't want to talk about it"?!?!?!

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