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Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:21 pm
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If 'digress' means to turn aside or away from a subject, then 'gress' would mean to remain on subject. You know, if it was a word. I guess it's pretty obvious what I need for Christmas; thesaurus, dictionary, anyone?

May 18
I think I am wise therefore I am a fool. In wisdom of man, I know little; in wisdom of God, I know less than I ought. I have pride without cause. I see and envy comes for things of which I have no need. This is merely one of the flaws of me. If I let go of the air, and open my hand, then You can fill them with goodness.
Hear me, O Lord. I am surrounded. My enemy has me captive. Or could it be the one who is holding me down is yours truly? Surely my God will deliver. Verily, verily, Lord, come swiftly. Whisper the words that will break these chains.

I Samuel 1: 18 
And she said, let thine handmaid find grace in they sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.

I have no idea when I wrote this:
The Lord God of all
Before You, humbled and
Speechless in awe of grace
I fall and
Give praise to You
Raise up Your name
Glory, glory, alleluia
Don't imagine that you have the mind of God figured out; you don't even know your own mind from one day to the next.
If one believes there is no God because He cannot be seen, then one should stop breathing the air, that is also unseen. Then one may see the once unseen God in His terrible glory and judgment before one is thrown into the once unseen Hell.
I don't see them the way You do. I know that You love me but the depth is unknown, and You love them too. But they don't know, or like I, don't care. So why shouldn't I tell them that I've been there before? Why not tell how You came down to human life? Why don't I say how You gave your life and died? Why not speak of how You were judged and punished for the sin of men? That it was for our sake and how You rose again? Why don't I tell that you offer new life? That though the body will rot, the spirit shall never die? So why don't I?

July 24
Count the stars and in them you'll see the promises of God's covenant to Abraham and from that came me.

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If you asked me if I'm happy I guess I'd say sure. Am I joyful? Probably I'd say and wonder at the question and give myself indigestion as I pick apart your motives and use of tense.
My life is utter bliss. Why should it be any less? Check out the wife, the kids, the cars. Even got the privacy fence. So handle your own splinter while I dress up this beam.


Sep. 19th, 2011 03:55 pm
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I do like these things
Expressing things in little 
Bits of poignant shorts.

Salvation confounds                     
The reason of men to a                
Degree so unknown                      

The Spirit is more
Imporant than the flesh for
It shall never die

The glory of God
Refines and consumes all men
Give praise to the Lord

I must still believe
Even when my heart would doubt.
This thing is called faith.
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He drew a circle that shut me out —
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in.

- Edwin Markham

This poem brings an interesting thought to me: ol' girl's vindictive. He doesn't want you, putting up a wall - or maybe he dug a mote; it's a type of circle drawn into the dirt with shovels, water, and maybe gators and such.
Obviously, this is upsetting, making her job a bit harder. 'Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout'. I can't blame the man; she seems to have fits when she doesn't get her way. I'd build a moat to keep her away too. And if he's such a controversial, disdainful guy, why are you trying to get him, girl? Find a dude you don't have to trap in your bigger moat, in an attempt to starve him out as the rations in his castle are slowly windled down until he's forced to either starve or come out and be caught by your womanly wiles. Then you'll both be miserable for the next twenty years before having two and a half kids and ending the whole thing in an ugly divorce, all because you hooked up with 'Love' and got all sneaky on the man.
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So poetry's not really my thing. In the past, I have become impatient with my little attempts. Now, I have a bit more patience to give it an effort. Therefore, I'm going to post the first drafts of a couple of poems I wrote. I say first drafts, because  apparently, you're supposed to re-do them. They're not actually supposed to be perfect the first time. Go figure.

Untitled #1

It hasn't escaped my notice that You continue to focus such undue attention on me. It's hard to understand, because I'm only human, what You see when you look my way. Just what about this nobody that hides behind this face would warrant the extension of grace amazing?
What a mystery. I think I'll spend my days unraveling the secret behind this inquiry. Just wait and see.
You are holy, righteous, glory and more than I can comprehend. Yet you've redeemed this sinner, this phony. You are Father, God, Savior, and more words than I can even begin. What did I do, or is it something to come, that gets such confidence from One who made moon and sun?
What a mystery. I'll spend my days trying to unravel the secret, make the discovery. One day, I'll see what you see when you look at me.
A question. Just riddle me this: How does one so unworthy become something like holy? The answer is in one God of perfection gives me his affection, takes beloved pure Son, lets him die for this one and all, set free after the fall. Set this captive soul free, now free indeed. He is risen and livin' in me.
What a mystery.


Untitled #2

One day I met a man when the sun sat next to the moon. I asked him where he'd been. The man said let me tell you. I've roamed 'round the world, wandering to and fro. I watched the people to see them come and go and what they would do they got there.
He said, there once was a rich man who fed a beggar, and they lived lives of ease and hardship. Yet they both died the same, one body rotting in a grave, and the other left atop. In the next life, their roles were swapped. The rich man pleaded for mercy. The poor man rested in luxury.
He told me 'bout a woman, filled with strife. She had two baby girls and was no man's wife. Her father was a man who knew knowledge eternal, yet she seemed content to let her situation remain in the carnal. A proud girl too stubborn, no second chance did she ask. She let her opportunities past. All hope is no more. There's no grace on that side of the shore.
I thought these tales too sad, and these people quite mad. I asked if there was any good for man to be had. He said Give me a moment of a minute's time. Truth and goodness in this world is hard to find. Just as he said, he told me one more.
He said there was a man, a zealous one. He thought all the things he did strived to do were right and true, though by his work many brethren died. Imposters and wicked blasphemers were they to him. 'Til the day he was thrown down to earth's floor and his vision struck from him for sure. A voice spoke his name then did the Lord's saying. In three day's time, his heart did change and mind saw truth. The Lord sent him a brother to renew his sight, and saved that man became and baptized that same day. All his life onward, praise went high to I Am, the world was turned upside-down. He did run well the glorious race. That man is now in the presence of His face. Amen.
I thought this story a good one and told him so. He said that he was glad to know it, but he had to go. That there were still things he'd need see as time slows. I asked Would I meet him again? He said Only at the end. Still much to do 'til then.
One day I met a man, and he told me all about you. How life left you scarred and the tears you have cried. How friend and family have all gone from you wide. There is none left to guide.
After all of your troubles were told, he walked away between where the moon and the sun lay. The last thing this man said or perhaps it was a voice in my head. The cry rang within without, 'It is done. You have been won.' The Son said it is done.

Untitled and Incomplete

I can't eat. Nothing fills me. What I drink won't quench this thirst. Inside, so dry, so barren. Nevermore in such despair. There is no man that cares. There's nothing for me to do, but turn my hope to you.
I take this Bread of Life, Your body broken. Living Water flow through me. Renew this soul from its strife. Fill it. Make it whole in You.
I can't rest. My enemy hounds me. In darkness, it surrounds me. The wind shakes the leaves, and for my life I flee. This soul knows no peace. What can I do when my enemy is me?
Lord, I hear Your voice. Shepherd, take me now. Protect my life. Let me rest in You. Assuage all fear. Let there be tears of joy. Give peace that comes from You.
I can't breathe. My heart doesn't beat. My home is in a tomb. Death does wait to take me to my grave. Yet I have not lived. I have not known life beyond this ever-night. Why have I never seen the Sun's light?
Revive my soul, Lord. Shine down grace on me. Breathe the Breath of Life. I am not mine. Take my all. Take all I can give. Let me live where Your heart is.

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