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Why do I have the feeling that my sister is going to have a baby when she gets married, just to spite Dad?

Also, I'm supposed to be planning a bridal shower. Yip ...(wait for it)...pee.
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Steve is here and robbing us of food...mostly stale, old food, but still. There go the donuts, spaghetti, and the conconction for which there is no name...and he nearly dropped them all getting the front door open. I helped him out with that; not completely heartless. Now he keeps trying to talk to me with food in his mouth, scarfing down cereal like he hasn't eaten in three weeks.
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Pastor has been Genesis for a while. February 29, 2012. "The Family of Seth"

Genesis 4: 24 - 26 
'If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.
'And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: Then Began Men to Call Upon the Name of the Lord.'

Abel's blood to God from the ground for justice. Jesus' blood cried out from the alter in the Holy of Holies in heaven itself for mercy.

We lost Eden. The garden is not home for us anymore. He has taken it. No.
We did. We betrayed and are put away as an unfaithful wife. Out here, we are tired and hurt and lonely. Here, we must toil. It is here that we fear the lion's call, no longer our friend but our fierce enemy.
The serpent said our eyes would be opened. The serpent said we would see good and evil. We see. We lost Eden.
We died. The fruit was sweet, and it was bitter. It was nothing special. The fruit was poison.
Poison of fear, shame, guilt filled us. Panic. Dread. He saw. He knew. He gave us a promise, a way back. A savior from this evil we now see. This evil now in us. He sent us out of the garden. We died.
We lost God. We cannot see Him, cannot hear him. He will not come to us. He has taken our ease and comfort. Keep them. Keep Eden. Let us have You. We don't like the way we feel. Fear has taken hold of joy. It strangles it. That communion, the existence with You, oh, let us have it back. We beg, God, send the redemption. Let us see You again. 
We lost God.
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March 2, 2013 - save the date.
So John proposed to Risa Saturday.

very, very long )

And that was Saturday and Sunday.
And now his eyes have a bacterial infection and Risa is venting at me as I type.

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I just realized that this lotion expired last year ( which begs the question of why lotion expires?). But you know, maybe that's why it's BURNING MY FACE right now. Or maybe it's 'refreshing' and 'tingling action'.
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I took a sip of my tea then set it back on the window sill. David looked between me and it and said,
"Stupid coffee."
"It's not coffee; it's tea."
"Stupid tea," he amended.
"Tea is not stupid. That's the meanest thing I've ever heard anyone say."

David is five. And I think I am a little too defensive of tea.

  Happy New Year  , everybody.
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Six days ago, I skipped out on choir practice. For shame on me, I know, but I had a fully legit reason. Two words and a picture:
Chris. August.
 If we got married, our initials would match. I'm just pointing out a fact that has no basis in reality. (If by some weird, cruel circumstance, he read this, I'd explode from embarrassment.)
There was a Christmas concert on the 16th in Pascagoula, and he was there, so I had to go. I begged my sister weeks in advance to make sure that I did. He wasn't the only artist there though. There was Newsong, (this group of old men, but man, those grandpas can sing. Kidding. They're probably not that old...except for that one guy.) Kutless, and Jamie Grace.

I went with Risa, John, and Mama Deborah (John's mother aka sister's boyfriend's mama). It was really very wonderful. It was held at this Baptist church with a weird bathroom set-up but at least there were no port-a-potties this time. I don't remember the order of things, but the whole way, they had a great light show going on. One of the men from Newsong pulled a kid from the audience to dance along with 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'.

It was so much fun. Then they did 'Little Drummer Boy', and they were gettin' it on those drums. While everyone's watching the front, a drum line procession starts up at the back, and these boys in full band regalia are marching up the aisles, playing on their drums. It was awesome.

Mama Deborah really liked that part. She's nice.

(Kutless broke one of the pianos)

And Chris August...I have a crush on that man, I admit. I mean, he's adorable. And he plays guitar, sings beautifully, is a Christian, funny, and adorable. (Yes, I said it twice.) During intermission, I wandered to the back after taking pictures of all the instruments on stage and stuff. Apparently, no one cares if you wander 'backstage'. The musicians trunks were all over the place, and I took more pictures. Then I turn down a dark (no lights except the ones coming from one end and the doors beyond leading back out front) hallway that leads back out to the auditorium, and Chris August is at the end talking to someone.

I 'bout near fainted. Well, not fainted, but you know how you can get when you see someone you like who literally doesn't know you exist. I didn't even know I was gonna do that. Eventually, I pulled some nerve from somewhere and walked down there, and took some more pictures of a drum. I was so flippin' nervous because he was right behind me.
I very calmly introduced myself, shook his hand, said something stupid that probably revealed my nervousness, then blurted the question if he'd take a picture with me. He was about to say something about needing to get ready to go back on and he'd be doing pictures after, but then he conceded (D'aw, ain't he sweet!). I caught the attention of one of the old men from Newsong to take the picture but HE DIDN'T TAKE IT!  


I don't know why it didn't occur to me that he hadn't taken the picture. Nerves from the fact that CHRIS AUGUST HUGGED ME! TWICE (I had to help the old man with the camera.) By the time I'd gotten the screen up to look at the picture, Chris was already walking away, and I'd already starting feeling bad about bugging him anyway when he was on break, so I didn't  say "YO! IT DIDN'T WORK! REDO!" Instead, on cloud 9 and a half, I went back to my seat, smiling at everyone.

For me, this was better than that time Charles kissed me on the cheek. (Charles is my pastor's eldest son, who was grown when I was a baby, and used to be in love with since I was three to nine, which was when he got married. The jerk.)

He performed after that, absolutely perfect, and I know I had the stupidest smile on my face. Then Jamie Grace went after, and she's good, but her stage presence isn't that great. She's new though. She'll get better.

At the end, Newsong and everyone sang (and I mean, everyone -on stage and audience) 'Arise, My Love'. More pictures, and then Russ Lee led the people in a prayer - a call to Christ. They didn't even do that at Praise in the Park. (I assume they assumed that if the people bothered to drive out to Nowhere, MS with port-a-potties and sitting in the hot sun and on the ground to starry, cold night, standing, singing, screaming, jumping around like idiots, then they probably got somethin' in 'em already.) While most claimed salvation, some claimed that they got saved when he lead them in prayer.

And the church said "Amen!"

A singing preacher, he called himself. He's a sweet, old guy. I like him. After I took a picture with him (and I swear, I have never hugged so many total strangers in one day, except for at funerals, and who didn't smell drunk and smokey), Risa decided she did want to get a picture with him too. Even John approved of him, actually shaking the man's hand.

Then we were headed out from there. They had tables for all of the artists, but I was just interested in Chris. We stood in line to get a picture, and while there, I looked over the merchandise table. I had no money nor a job, (and having a job would be the only way I'd shell out $15 for a T-shirt, Chris August or no). However, Mama Deborah (or somebody) gave me $20 with which I bought his CD and Christmas EP, got them signed and took a picture with him and Risa. After we got back in line after taking a picture with him individually.

He is so flippin' adorable!

Mama Deborah wanted to meet Jamie Grace so we went and got in her line afterward. The doors of the church were opened...and it was cold and windy outside all of a sudden so I used Risa as a human wind shield; she had her jacket so it was ok. John kept pacing around because he didn't really like Jamie, but she was really sweet. I like her. I bought her CD and EP with the remaining 10, and she signed it, adding my name for that personal touch ( I can't help wondering how long that'll last). Risa and I both got a picture with her too.

After that, we went to the Waffle House right up the rode. John wanted five eggs and grits, but we made him just get four and he complained about it. He also ordered coffee, and kept sniffing it like it was crack or something. We talked about stuff I don't remember. Risa ordered for me, and we were going to half whatever it was because it came with a lot of food. One of those things was a waffle, but that  took longer to cook than the rest of our food so went ahead and ate that. In the middle of that, the waitress placed the waffles between us.

By the time I finished, I was pretty full so I figured we'd take it home and eat it later. I was done before anyone else, and had nothing to do so I looked at the waffle. Then I noticed something. They always put those little things of butter with the waffle, yes? In this case, they put it in the center of the waffle. (I hate when they do that. I mean, where have those things been?) What I saw when I looked at it: a little, black speck on the butter tub. Picking it up and looking closer, what I saw: a little, black bug - looked like a roach.

I showed it to the others, and everyone kinda just...stopped...eating. John pushed his coffee away.

When I said that I may have to pull a 'Mary Johnson' (that's my mommy), Mama Deborah was interested in what exactly that was. John and I both did an impression of that. His was pretty good, considering he'd never seen Mom in action.

I didn't have to though. A cook saw our faces and asked if everything was all right. Mama Deborah told him no and I showed him the bug. He apologized and then got our waitress and took her in the back. She came out and apologized too, and it was fine: she told us we didn't have to pay for it.

We talked about more stuff I don't remember, but it was pretty funny.

John was being a little grumpy since he'd been up a long time and had to go to work at 3. In the morning. Or was it 5? Whatever. We left after he face-planted on the table.
  I'm just getting around to posting about it now because...I'm really, really lazy. I've got to stop that. It was too late to do it when we got home, near 12. Also, when I get a job, I need to check out that Holt International thing. For $30 a month, you can sponsor a child in need of food, medicine, diapers, and care who is in the process of being adopted. I want to do that.
If we're gonna make these concerts a regular thing, we should invest in one of those little flip camcorders. And since this Christmas concert thing has been going on for 8 or 9 years (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?), we really, really should.

I Gress

Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:21 pm
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If 'digress' means to turn aside or away from a subject, then 'gress' would mean to remain on subject. You know, if it was a word. I guess it's pretty obvious what I need for Christmas; thesaurus, dictionary, anyone?

May 18
I think I am wise therefore I am a fool. In wisdom of man, I know little; in wisdom of God, I know less than I ought. I have pride without cause. I see and envy comes for things of which I have no need. This is merely one of the flaws of me. If I let go of the air, and open my hand, then You can fill them with goodness.
Hear me, O Lord. I am surrounded. My enemy has me captive. Or could it be the one who is holding me down is yours truly? Surely my God will deliver. Verily, verily, Lord, come swiftly. Whisper the words that will break these chains.

I Samuel 1: 18 
And she said, let thine handmaid find grace in they sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.

I have no idea when I wrote this:
The Lord God of all
Before You, humbled and
Speechless in awe of grace
I fall and
Give praise to You
Raise up Your name
Glory, glory, alleluia
Don't imagine that you have the mind of God figured out; you don't even know your own mind from one day to the next.
If one believes there is no God because He cannot be seen, then one should stop breathing the air, that is also unseen. Then one may see the once unseen God in His terrible glory and judgment before one is thrown into the once unseen Hell.
I don't see them the way You do. I know that You love me but the depth is unknown, and You love them too. But they don't know, or like I, don't care. So why shouldn't I tell them that I've been there before? Why not tell how You came down to human life? Why don't I say how You gave your life and died? Why not speak of how You were judged and punished for the sin of men? That it was for our sake and how You rose again? Why don't I tell that you offer new life? That though the body will rot, the spirit shall never die? So why don't I?

July 24
Count the stars and in them you'll see the promises of God's covenant to Abraham and from that came me.

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I'm done with finals!
        I'm done with finals!
              I'm done with finals and
                  :D  that makes me happy!

It was for French, and the for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to say 'his' and 'her'.
Now what am I gonna do with myself? I suppose read. Sleep. Write (still have to do those atlasecretsanta stories - SSSHHH! - and my usual updates) Since I'm done for the semester, I can do those thing without feeling bad for not studying and junk. Maybe MAYBE  I'll practice (or get some) 'mad guitar skillz'.

Next semester, I'm in the MLT program proper, and I'll have 3 classes for that, all in the same building. I'm still going to have to get up for 8 o'clock classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty much the same schedule from this past 150 give-or-take days, but longer hours and 6 classes. 6 because someone decided that my scholarship should have 15 hours instead of 12, the jerkwad.

After the final, my sister had decided yesterday that we were going to go shopping, looking for some stuff for John - the BF. We got everything we - she - set out to get. Let's see if I can remember everything:
  • Lucky pajamas (because the boy likes clovers)
  • 'Courageous' T-shirt
  • 3 string-hole, dark Sperrys
  • An engraved Bible
  • A book
  • The stupid camo wrapping paper XP
  • A not-girly journal that doesn't say 'Journal' so his brothers won't rag on him for writing about his feeling LOL
  • Some bookmarks
  • ...something else I can't remember...

Safe to say he's not getting those Oakley shades. She also bought these cute travel mugs for Mr. and Mrs. Tim's (they're trying to adopt her or something), had a friend pick up a lanyard(sp?) for another friend and...something else I can't remember.

And what did I get? She bought me Chai tea from Coffee Fusion (I love that stuff), a blue shirt-cover thing from Goodwill (for a $1. That's just awesome.), and a girly-journal that's not as large as John's (...poo). It was a pretty fun day. Oh! Food, too. She bought me Chick-fil-a.

Semi-related note: I am such a socially awkward idiot sometimes. Related to that: Michael's is a really neat store that I could waste so much $$$ in if I had any.

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So I was in McDonalds with my sister while she downloaded songs onto her secret computer (which took like an hour). And McD's has these tvs with caption and I like to read. I saw Pakistanis set two giant pictures of Obama and Hilary Clinton(almost called her Duff lol) and the American flag on fire.

A Florida moths is in jail for neglectful manslaughter after her twelve year old son shoved his three year old brother into a bookcase hard enough to knock him out. The 'mom' surfed the Internet and downloaded songs four(?) hours before taking the bleeding baby o the hospital; the baby is dead. He twelve year old is being charged for first degree murder as an adult.

And in some way that I fail to understand, our Air Force lost a $6 million STEALTH drone plane...to Iran. HOW DOES THAT FLIPPING HAPPEN!?!?!?

In more personal news, Steve has tattoos. Stars, something else, and a Bible verse in some 'modern translation'. Deuteronomy 7:21. And our subFrench teacher is terribly surprised that we weren't taught how to form sentences; I am too.

Seriosuly though, who is the moron hat lost the flipping plane!? Fire that guy! I mean what? Just... What?


Dec. 3rd, 2011 04:43 pm
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This whole synchronized, period thing is really irritating. I mean more irritating than periods usually are. But when it's two at the same time: confrontation will occur; fights over pads and chocolate are bound to happen; caffiene is out - and I NEED my tea!
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Is it just me or is it hard to stop watching Law & Order: CI? I really like Bobby. He's super cool. And really manipulative.

OR I'm just trying to avoid studying. Then again, why can't it be both?
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Let's see. What should I be doing now?
  • Studying for my French final. (Even though Madame is in the hospital after her surgery and stroke. I take back every ill thought about her.)
  • Studying for my Urinalysis test Thursday and the final.
  • Studying for Computer quiz Friday and final and completing that last project.
  • Ignoring Chemistry with extreme prejudice
  • Learning and practicing my parts for choir Friday.
Other stuff that's not as important that I should be doing:
  • Updating SGIH (It's been 4 months or something)
  • Updating all of the others (It's been longer than 4 months)
  • Completing several 'short' fics
  • Writing 'Crumbs in the Clockwork' (At least one more chapter - No, at least convert that one piece from paper to pixels before the year is out. Or no. At least save the thing from the Domain of Other Side of the Bed)
  • Updating 'Silver Lining'
  • Write that Mai/Jet fic for nuitsongeur
  • Write those other stories for atla_secretsanta (Sssshhhh!)
Of little to no importance:
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep floor
  • Finish laundry
  • Maybe - maybe - write another little story for Suzuki shipping week, which starts Dec. 4 to the 10th I think.
Lists make it seem like I have more to do than in reality. They're like the word 'And'. So let's see what all I can do instead of this stuff. 
The procrastination is strong in this way.

Also, saw big brother Steve today (and Doug and George). We did lunch, we schmoozed (sp?), we had talked, we had some laughs. It was nice. And I don't care what you say, Doug, I don't look like his freaking twin! Steve's nose is bigger than mine; his chin is different. I DON'T HAVE A GOATTEE!
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First thing that comes to mind: I'm going to lose my brother.

Second: Never eating chocolate again.

Third: Insects, spiders, and such that have no business being any bigger than my pinkie nail. 

Four: I'm going to have to work at a job that I hate.

Five: Becoming diabetic.

Six: Having a painful death. I'm not so much afraid of that as dreading it. I have this aversion to pain. Of course, if it is painful, then the glory of Heaven will be all the greater knowing that I won't have to endure such pain ever again.[Error: unknown template qotd]
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You know what's fun? Opening a can of cranberry sauce using a broken can opener, pliers, and then scraping them out with a knife. I am so thankful for my creative dad and family. They are so very fun and inventive sometimes. I love those people. Even if they won't save me any Cherry Delight at church for me:/

    Happy Thanksgiving!    
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Thank God for Grace - the friend with the unlocked car and pink steering wheel kind enough to let me sleep in it for a hour or two, and His wondrous gift of grace.

Naps are beautiful things
  No, really.
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I seem to have forgotten my jump drive. I so hope it's at home, somewhere I'll be able to find it. Because you konw, I have hundreds of stories and ideas (and school stuff, but who really cares about that crap?) on that thing. My Silver Lining folder is on there along with SGIH.


I need to go to freaking sleep...

I suppose I also need to study for that stupid test at twelve too. 

  le SIGH

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It maybe called psychosis. That was first semester stuff. Although, if you don't sleep enough you could become psychotic and that's how that one guy end up stabbing his wife...or something.

Point: I haven't been getting enough sleep this week. Sunday, before evening service of church, I had some coffee, and didn't really sleep that night. Just sort of laid there for hours and hours and hours...

Then Monday, I didn't have coffee. It's always hard for me to fall asleep though.

Tuesday, for some stupid reason I don't understand, I woke up at like 3:40 in the A.M. I couldn't figure out what woke me up. I mean, Wide Awake. There was no reason why I should have woken up. It was dead quiet, but the heater was running and made it a little warm so maybe that's why. Thing is, I didn't really get back to sleep 'til around five, I don't know. It's make me miss the owl a little bit. At least then, there was a reason, and there was something I could focus my hatred and resentment for my interruption of sleep on.

 Then I woke up at 6:30. I should have killed my stupid phone.

I'm thinking that apparently, I'm still prone to sugar rushes and fits of hilarity (Like when people are on crack or whatever and everything's funny and they can't stop moving or talking. And then everything just gets super chill. Except with me, I still have the underlying crazy energy) or something because I ate a lot of chocolate (Mom got bags and put them on the table. I also apparently have no self-control). So I'm thinking I got maybe three hours last night before waking up at 6:30.

And now I'm here, at school, on break for 3 hours until my class at twelve. At least we only have to take a test and get out. Or at least, I hope she doesn't lecture us. Aw crap, she's probably going to lecture us.

So tired. So very, very unhappy.
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Yesterday, I went to Praise in the Park in Lucedale and it was fantastic. As far as first concerts go, I loved it! They stared the thing off with a prayer. That was so cool.
Royal Tailor, Building 429, Leeland, Jeremy Camp and introducing  Hanover Dr (who didn't suck, surprisingly). I went half-deaf after Royal Tailor's perfomance (Note to self: don't get right up on the speakers) and so did my sister. After the whole thing was over, my ears were ringing for hours.
We left the coast at one and arrived at 2:50ish, got in, found a spot at the front, (my sister forgot the chairs and blankets so we just parked it) and waited forever for the good people to show up. They had other bands (Godspeed3 was pretty good), most not so pleasant to hear.
During Building 429's performance and Jeremy Camp's testimony about his first wife (she died of cancer after 4 1/2 months of their marriage, I cried. Not outright sobbing, but I was truly touched by it. Even my sister cried, and she doesn't do that, ever. That, and the words of some of the songs were truly beautiful.
I got Royal Tailor's CD and got them to sign it. There was this group of girls in front of me in the line, and one of their friends came up, hyperventilating and fluttering about 'That fine guy with the green hat who touched my hand!' She was very excited, to the point of hilarious. Her friends were trying to calm her down about it, but she'd have none of it.
"You're twelve!" they said. "He's, like, twenty-five and probably married."
"I don't care!" she said. 
Obviously, this one believes in true love. I think the one she was talking about was 
 Taurel Wells, the lead singer for Royal Tailor. I do believe I can sympathize with both parties actually. On one hand, the boy is fine. On the other hand, this happened 30 minutes ago so...come down, honey.
I did shake hands with Leeland though, with his pretty, pretty red hair.
If I were white, I'd want red hair. Speaking of colors, I counted, forgot, and estimated it to be about thirty black people at that thing. It was just something to do in between waiting for the bands to go up.
Also, the weather lied. It was supposed to be cold. I wore leggings, boots, flannel, and the sun is high and blazing. Yeah, that stuff had to go. Took of the flannel (of course it's Mississippi flannel, so it wasn't that bad) and went in a port-a-potty to take of the leggings. I must say, I'm impressed with my balance in desperate situations. Port-a-potties are disgusting, nasty things that only men should have to use. Ladies should get an actual facility built for them. Because that...was...disgusting. Interestingly enough, I didn't even have to use the bathroom since before I left my house at one and came back at 12 in the morning. I don't know if that was because my body needed all of the liquid it took in or because it realized that it didn't have a choice and I wasn't going to use those things.
Later on, it did get cold though and the leggings went back on.
I screamed my head off and sang along with all of Camp's and RT's song. Lording willing, I'm going again next year.
Oh, and I lost my phone. After the concert, we were running up the hill and toward our ride. I piggy-backed for a while, and I think during that incredibly short attempt, my phone must have fallen out of my pocket. However, we were already at a Church's chicken (because someone wanted chicken. I mean, really wanted chicken). My sister called the phone, and the guy drove over and gave it back. How awesome and good was that! I had to give him my last $20 (Well, not had to, but I HAD TO!). But I got my phone back, with all of my recordings from the concert.
It was just fantastic. I loved it, even the sitting around in the sun part, because it was part of the whole experience. Because we were so close to the front, we spotted Jarrod Ingram and Blake Hubbard from RT (RoyalTailor) near the bars of the gate. And yet we didn't go get a picture with them. A few people went up and talked to them, but it seemed like people they know, and we didn't want to look like a couple of fangirls (even though we kinda are). But there were a group of kids playing with a ball and it rolled under the gate. Jarrod got it for him and gave it back. 
So my sister said, "Man, we should have brought a ball."
And I said, "I have my ipod in my purse."
Thing was, I was seriously thinking about it.
But anyway, I think I'm going to get Facebook now.
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You know what I hate just above doing homework? Doing Mom's homework. Then having to go back and do it because apparently it wasn't done the right way.

But really, I am so blessed to have the mom that I do. I realize this, but I forget it a lot. Because if my mother - with all of her obvious flaws that I could write a book about; I have them too. Comes with humanity and our nature - were not a Christian, she would be so much worse. At this point, I'd probably had moved out with Steve when Heffa left and refused to take me with her. Yup.

And my arm hurts, fading in and out. See, when you're going to be an MLT, you have to get all of these shots because you're gonna be hanging out with people's body fluids, and this shot was the first of a series of three for Hep B. So there is Hep B in my arm, surging through my blood, and oh, my goodness what is wrong with me? I'm going to die.
And then Mom will sue the Health Department

I'm so tired of school. I'm especially tired of Chemistry, and it's just now getting cold down here, and that's just so encouraging me to get out of bed in the mornings. Coffee doesn't really seem to do it for me either. I should really be studying for that stupid quiz tomorrow. There was a French test Wednesday, but I forgot the nous conjugation for whatever the French word is for 'to be' which is etes. Which makes no sense when you're looking at the chart. I mean, they really just came out of nowhere with that set up. The French actually base their language on how it sounds, if it sounds good, it's a word - no matter how wrong it looks when compared to how it's spelled. Just completely ignore that a word ends in 'ent' and see how badly the other languages mess it up. Tee hee, very funny.

And now she rushing me about the homework I'm half-doing - obviously. And I feel like a have a fever, or mabye I'm just being dramatic, or maybe I shouldn't be wearing two shirts and that'd help.

Ugh. Rapture would be great right now. Actually, would have been pretty good yesterday, but hey, no rush. Whenever You're ready...but could You be ready sooner?

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