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Jane is great for birthday parties. (Cho doesn't smile as much in the new seasons. Maybe because he got hit with a van.)

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The Mentalist is a great show. The one where a hypnotized guy drags a dead girl to the police thinking that she is a bag of potatoes. Then Rigsby is hypnotized by the killer, and smacks a guy's face into a table. To prove he's hypnotized, Jane suggest that Rigsby does whatever he wants to do in the room.

He promptly lays one on Van Pelt, to which Jane says: "Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about."

Rigsy's Welsh accent came through when he said 'Privacy'. It's cute.

"You cops will do anything to make me doubt myself. You and my mother."

I love this show.

SyFy Alice

Feb. 18th, 2011 01:26 pm
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I'm kinda crushin' on this Andrew Lee-Potts guy. His character is on point. Plus, he's just cute! In a very scruffy, street wise way. But I like it! Especially the hair, and the hat, and the accent. Kinda Cockney but not nealy as hard to understand. Plus, he's a sweetie!

Jack, however, well...if he wasn't a liar, that might have made it a little hard to choose. He's more of a pretty boy, clean cut, classic blond Brit. Money, power, looks, tall(er than Hatter). But he's a liar. About everything.

I can't recall a moment when Hatter lied to Alice, despite what she said. I'm not much of a fan of Alice though. I get that she was conflicted in the forest, but come on, girl! Ol' Princey over there's been using her since Day 1; Hatter took a bullet (body armor; smart boy) within a few hours of meeting her.

Alice should have slapped him.

Jackie should just get with Duchess (who needs clothes) and be moderately happy.

Plus, Hatter has better lines. And his face moves and expresses. He has a very lilting accent to his voice. I want an Irish guy. Or Welsh.

What was I talking about? Oh, yes.

And the end! Oh, wait, go back.
The forest! With Jack and his interrupting jealous ways! They should have kissed, amsterdammit! They were so close! But no, Jack just couldn't stand aside, or shut up, or trip onto the sword and silently drown in his own blood! Oh, no. Prince Lying-Heart must be heard whether anyone cares or not.
AND Alice should have let them fight, ending with Jack getting Sledgehammered. Yeah, that would have been awesome.
AND! the Cheshire cat should have talked and had a creepier, bigger smile.

But on to the end - Wait!

Charlie is the awesomest fake White Knight ever! He's like the Wade Wilson of Wonderland! Whoo! Go Charlie!

Now the end: WHAT? Could that farewell have been anymore awkward? My gosh! It was nearly painful, and kinda funny, but I felt Charlie should have just pushed Alice into Hatter's arms. But it was okay at the end. The look on Carol's face (just realized: Lewis Caroll; Carol Hamilton. Honorable mention) when they started kissing was hilarous.

Man...I wish I could draw.

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