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...AU - Avatar June companion piece...

Title: Now Is Not Forever
Prompt: Five Times (June Fell in Love #1)
Word Count: 1057
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: Avatar: the last airbender
Pairings (if any): June/Piandao
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): AU - Avatar June
Summary: This is almost not the typical tale of unrequited love. She's just not sure how.

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Title: Tea Time
Character: Jun(e)/Piandao
Summary: Short Fic

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Gamma table for [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence
Pairing: June/Piandao

#01 - Ring
#02 - Hero
#03 - Memory
#04 - Box
#05 - Run
#06 - Hurricane
#07 - Wings
#08 - Cold
#09 - Red
#10 - Drink
#11 - Midnight
#12 - Temptation
#13 - View
#14 - Music
#15 - Silk
#16 - Cover
#17 - Promise
#18 - Dream
#19 - Candle
#20 - Talent
#21 - Silence
#22 - Journey
#23 - Fire
#24 - Strength
#25 - Mask
#26 - Ice
#27 - Fall
#28 - Forgotten
#29 - Dance
#30 - Body
#31 - Sacred
#32 - Farewells
#33 - World
#34 - Formal
#35 - Fever
#36 - Laugh
#37 - Lies
#38 - Forever
#39 - Overwhelmed
#40 - Whisper
#41 - Wait
#42 - Talk
#43 - Search
#44 - Hope
#45 - Eclipse
#46 - Gravity
#47 - Highway
#48 - Unknown
#49 - Lock
#50 - Breathe

Title: The One in Which I Abuse Commas, Conjunctions, and Other Punctuation
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Piandao/June
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Note: These two are my crack OTP. There is no real order to it.
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title Traditional Values
trope Accidental Marriage
rating k
word count 250+

June’s job has taken her all over the world. People usually tended to hide in the same place, some more than others. However, it was just typical that this fool Piandao wanted to find was the only man in her entire career who decided to hide in the Foggy Swamp, definitely foreign territory.

The Foggy Swamp inhabitants were a peculiar but hospitable people. Their ways always seemed to make sense, but not immediately to outsiders. Only because they’d been wandering through the swamp for hours – Piandao was seeing dead people – and they didn’t want to see if the rumors about them were true – the ones that end “…and they were never seen again.” – June and Piandao accepted their dinner invitation.

While June contemplated eating a very large grub, she noticed one Swampbender – Bozo or Due – eying her.


“Pardon my starin’, miss, but you sure is a fine-lookin’ woman.”


“You taken?”

A beat.

“Yes, I am. By him.”

June moved practically onto Piandao’s lap.

“Sure she is,” he agreed easily.

“How long y’all been hitched?”

“We’re not.”

Everyone froze, silent and staring.

So…wrong answer.

“I mean…yet.”

“Well, shoot, you can’t put somethin’ like that off. Clocks are a-tickin’!”

Due-Bozo hollered for Huu to ‘get out the good stuff’ for a ‘right fine com-mencil-i-zation’. Their hosts watched intently as the duo shared a cup of the good-kick-in-the-teeth-tickle-the-mind stuff and responded at Huu’s prompting while he talked about everything being connected, men and women, bonds, and…something. Then Bozo’s friend started crying when it was over.

“Don’t mind Tho,” Huu smiled. “He always cries at weddings.”

Afterwards, the incident was labeled under Things-That-Never-Happened, and so it was.

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Title:  Ten for Ten
Author:  c3childs
Words: 223
Genre:  G
Rating: T
Char/Pairs:  June/Piandao, Iroh
Summary:  Ten sentences written for ten one word prompt.
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Bingo Prompt: AU (genderBender)

Word count: 918

Characters: Piandao, Sokka, Fat

A/N: Two more prompts to go:)

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              banner by [livejournal.com profile] crystaldrake

: Count the Ways
Characters/Pairing: Jun/Piandao
Word Count: 2173
Summary: A not-so typical 'love' story told in drabbles.

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                                               The Amazing banner is by [livejournal.com profile] attackfish

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It's entirely possible but completely pointless to try and come up with ideas for a series that hasn't even started yet. But I have had an idea that won't leave for the past week or so, and I'm going to put it out there for it to be shot down.

Mako and Bolin are two brothers in the series who bend fire and earth respectively. That indicates that there is history of both earth and fire-benders in their family tree. I have constructed that tree, even giving names to their mother and father, that will either not be revealed in the series or no doubt be inaccurate.

*=firebender, #=earthbender

Farrah + Ishi = Jun

Asnee *+ Ramira *= Piandao(Jun), Kyoyo*, Huojin*, Ziva*, Pricha*

Piandao + Jun = Raiden(Midori), Nami*(Bolin#), Kenshin

Nami + Bolin = Nyla(Lee)

Nyla + Lee = Mako*, Bolin#

Did I not mention that Jundao is my OTCP (one true crack pairing)? At some point, I'll do some kind of story for their 'family'. I mean, I've given them names so why not give them personalities and stories to go with them, right? Right.
And that concludes this bit of rambling.

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