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March 2, 2013 - save the date.
So John proposed to Risa Saturday.

very, very long )

And that was Saturday and Sunday.
And now his eyes have a bacterial infection and Risa is venting at me as I type.

I Gress

Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:21 pm
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If 'digress' means to turn aside or away from a subject, then 'gress' would mean to remain on subject. You know, if it was a word. I guess it's pretty obvious what I need for Christmas; thesaurus, dictionary, anyone?

May 18
I think I am wise therefore I am a fool. In wisdom of man, I know little; in wisdom of God, I know less than I ought. I have pride without cause. I see and envy comes for things of which I have no need. This is merely one of the flaws of me. If I let go of the air, and open my hand, then You can fill them with goodness.
Hear me, O Lord. I am surrounded. My enemy has me captive. Or could it be the one who is holding me down is yours truly? Surely my God will deliver. Verily, verily, Lord, come swiftly. Whisper the words that will break these chains.

I Samuel 1: 18 
And she said, let thine handmaid find grace in they sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.

I have no idea when I wrote this:
The Lord God of all
Before You, humbled and
Speechless in awe of grace
I fall and
Give praise to You
Raise up Your name
Glory, glory, alleluia
Don't imagine that you have the mind of God figured out; you don't even know your own mind from one day to the next.
If one believes there is no God because He cannot be seen, then one should stop breathing the air, that is also unseen. Then one may see the once unseen God in His terrible glory and judgment before one is thrown into the once unseen Hell.
I don't see them the way You do. I know that You love me but the depth is unknown, and You love them too. But they don't know, or like I, don't care. So why shouldn't I tell them that I've been there before? Why not tell how You came down to human life? Why don't I say how You gave your life and died? Why not speak of how You were judged and punished for the sin of men? That it was for our sake and how You rose again? Why don't I tell that you offer new life? That though the body will rot, the spirit shall never die? So why don't I?

July 24
Count the stars and in them you'll see the promises of God's covenant to Abraham and from that came me.

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I'm done with finals!
        I'm done with finals!
              I'm done with finals and
                  :D  that makes me happy!

It was for French, and the for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to say 'his' and 'her'.
Now what am I gonna do with myself? I suppose read. Sleep. Write (still have to do those atlasecretsanta stories - SSSHHH! - and my usual updates) Since I'm done for the semester, I can do those thing without feeling bad for not studying and junk. Maybe MAYBE  I'll practice (or get some) 'mad guitar skillz'.

Next semester, I'm in the MLT program proper, and I'll have 3 classes for that, all in the same building. I'm still going to have to get up for 8 o'clock classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty much the same schedule from this past 150 give-or-take days, but longer hours and 6 classes. 6 because someone decided that my scholarship should have 15 hours instead of 12, the jerkwad.

After the final, my sister had decided yesterday that we were going to go shopping, looking for some stuff for John - the BF. We got everything we - she - set out to get. Let's see if I can remember everything:
  • Lucky pajamas (because the boy likes clovers)
  • 'Courageous' T-shirt
  • 3 string-hole, dark Sperrys
  • An engraved Bible
  • A book
  • The stupid camo wrapping paper XP
  • A not-girly journal that doesn't say 'Journal' so his brothers won't rag on him for writing about his feeling LOL
  • Some bookmarks
  • ...something else I can't remember...

Safe to say he's not getting those Oakley shades. She also bought these cute travel mugs for Mr. and Mrs. Tim's (they're trying to adopt her or something), had a friend pick up a lanyard(sp?) for another friend and...something else I can't remember.

And what did I get? She bought me Chai tea from Coffee Fusion (I love that stuff), a blue shirt-cover thing from Goodwill (for a $1. That's just awesome.), and a girly-journal that's not as large as John's (...poo). It was a pretty fun day. Oh! Food, too. She bought me Chick-fil-a.

Semi-related note: I am such a socially awkward idiot sometimes. Related to that: Michael's is a really neat store that I could waste so much $$$ in if I had any.

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Thank God for Grace - the friend with the unlocked car and pink steering wheel kind enough to let me sleep in it for a hour or two, and His wondrous gift of grace.

Naps are beautiful things
  No, really.

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