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 Title: Walkabout

Summary: Let’s take a walk then. Drabble series #4

Character: John S, OCs

Words: 202

After both parties came to an understanding, Commander Woosley permitted Bly to visit the boy in the infirmary with the proper escort, of course. Sheppard, upon realizing that she didn’t seem to have any intention of killing them all at the moment and unwilling to let anyone else risk their lives, helpfully volunteered.

Unlike during the brief interrogation, Bly talked a mile a minute, asking more questions than he had answers too. He had no idea where Ronon got his gun, how large the city actually was, how exactly the transporters worked but yes, they were very useful, or why Woosley was so…Woosley.

It was almost like talking with McKay only less arrogance and big words. And decidedly attractive. His long friendship with McKay was the reason he was so good at tuning people out when chatter became a little annoying, but he came up short when he noticed it’d ceased altogether.

Bly had stopped in front of one of the full balcony windows that afforded a splendid view of the ocean and painted sky. She walked out the door to the railing, looked way down, and whistled.


And that, to Sheppard’s unending relief, was all she said for a while.

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