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Title: Welcome to Atlantis
Prompt: gray
Word Count: 1331
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis/XMen(WolverineOrigins)
Pairings (if any): ...
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage) Crossover
Summary: As far as Weapon X is concerned, Atlantis has failed to impress. 

The Stargate delivered them to a large room, three times the size as the one they left. The ceiling was somewhere far above their heads in the dark inkiness of the muted lights. The further they went in, the more lights began to come on, and the building generators hummed quietly, sending a pulse through the floor under their feet.

Weapon X looked to Chris as one. The electropath shrugged as much as one could with a P-90 pressed to one shoulder.

“It wasn’t me. The place must have sensors.”

“Like clap-on-clap-off lights?” Wade asked.

Chris opened his mouth to correct him and explain a more accurate version. Then he remembered just who this was and said,

“Yes. Like that.”

At the colonel’s order, all military personnel spread out through the compound, securing all rooms against any enemy threat. Every room yielded the same results. All were empty. While a few would stay behind in the cleared chambers, Weapon X continued to branch out further.

Logan and Victor split off together at the crossroads of a hall, a small group following. John nodded to Zero, and they took a squad as well. That left Chris and Wade to go their own way. At this point, the swordsman was becoming very pessimistic about the mission, fearing that there would be nothing to do but wander around an abandoned building with a bunch of guys. With each new hall and room, his mood soured more and more.

“There had better be hot alien chicks. Otherwise, stuff’s gonna go down up in this piece,” Wade muttered aloud, swinging his swords agitatedly.

One swung a little too close to Chris and he yelped as it neatly split his sleeve from elbow to shoulder.

“Watch it with those!” 

“Why don't you watch where you walkin’! You see I got these things, don’t you? What is your problem, waltzing into the path of live steel?”

The electropath clenched his teeth together and kept walking. He satisfied his anger with violent thoughts against the other man, and that would have to do. He truly couldn’t do anything about it. Be it hand-to-hand combat, blades or guns, Wade was simply the better soldier. And Chris? Well, he could use a flashlight without batteries if he had to. He figured that was why he was here, to help the scientists understand the Ancient’s technology. As they’d been exploring, he’d been trying to connect to the electromagnetic pulse of the computer systems, but it was a little overwhelming and frankly not working. It was like trying to equip an ’89 Microsoft with the latest Macintosh software.

It wasn’t going to happen. Not unless the Microsoft underwent a complete gutting and re-wiring. He was more than a little afraid that the colonel would try it to. Some of the scientists, he recognized from the home base. They were in another galaxy after all. Who would tell Stryker no?

:Dr. Weir, Colonel Stryker. Can you come down and meet me? We’re three levels down from you.:

:Right. We’ll  be right there.:

“Ooh, that’s gotta be somethin’ interesting,” Wade said as poked around a closet. “Wanna check it out?”

Chris narrowed his eyes at him. His mood swings were too sudden to be bipolar disorder. He absolutely knew that Wade had a mental disorder of some kind. The hard part was figuring out which one.  Of course, there was also the possibility that Wade suffered from something no one even knew about. When it came to that one, nothing would surprise.


“We’re underwater,” Victor stated. He didn’t sound particularly happy about it either.

“She just said that,” Logan pointed out, nodding toward where Dr. Weir was standing with Major Sheppard – as Stryker had called him earlier – and the colonel himself.

“I hate water.”

“Yes, I smelled as much,” Wade laughed as he walked toward the glass separating them from the ocean.

Victor growled, his claws extending. Logan made no comment, merely hitting the agitated blond’s arm. The claws retracted.

Outside the large window, the water was clear and blue. In the distance, lights glowed, making the water appear warm and hazy. By the lights, a number of towers spiraled up out of the shadow ocean depths.

“Is that more of this building?” Chris asked.

“They think it’s a city,” Logan shrugged. “Atlantis.”

“Wait,” Wade pulled back from where he’d been pressed against the glass, “so we just hopscotched across the galaxy to end up in Sea World? I get unlimited Shamu access? Okay, starting not to suck.”

One of the scientists called out to Dr. Weir. After an amazed look out the window, he ushered them all away. Victor was already following them, away from the wall of water.

“What’s up with that?” Wade asked. “Did they find Ariel and Sebastian too?”

The stocky Canadian turned to Wade. Chris stepped back, out of the way. He knew where this was going. Once – only once – they’d somehow allowed Wade to talk, whine, and beg them into a movie night. To this day, Chris doesn’t know how or why – there might have been beer involved, but it was mostly a blocked memory – but for well over an hour, the entirety of the Weapon X strike force had watched Disney’s Little Mermaid.

It had been a bizarre experience that they mostly didn’t acknowledge as a part of their history together.

“You start singing any of those songs, I won’t be responsible for what I do to you. Understand?”

“Oh, come on. You know you like Under the Sea. Honestly, when is that song ever gonna be more appropriate?”

“Don’t. Do it.”

“I can’t do nothing with you people!” he exclaimed, scuffing the toe of his boot against the floor.

“Come on,” Chris sighed. “Let’s keep looking.”

Once again sullen, Wade skulked off with him.


Colonel Stryker, Major Sheppard, Dr. Weir, and two other men – likely doctors or scientists: they smelled sterile – Victor didn’t know were gathered around a life-sized hologram of a woman, supposedly one of these Ancients. According to the briefing, they were the first ones of humanity, a very powerful and intelligent people. They built the Stargates, this city, and possibly many others like it.

And from what the hologram was saying, an enemy had popped up and nearly destroyed all of them. The scientists seemed amazed more by the technology, while the mouthy major’s thoughts seemed elsewhere. The colonel looked to Victor who sent a bored glance back.

“So this is really the Atlantis,” one of the scientists said, “The great city that sank in the ocean. The ancient Greeks must have heard the story from one of the surviving Ancients.”

Victor heard him before he saw him, but another scientist brushed past him to whisper something in the American doctor’s ear. Naturally, he heard every word, and his eyes narrowed in a frown.

“I am more concerned with the fact that these people were attacked and defeated,” Colonel Stryker announced, dampering their excitement slightly.

Yeah, that was Colonel William Stryker: expert mood killer.

“Let’s see it again from the beginning,” the doctor said in a thick Irish accent, stepping back onto the platform.

“Stop! Shut it off,” the first doctor ordered – he should really learn their names or assign them proper labels; Doc One – and rushed for the door, “Power levels throughout the city are dropping like a stone.”

“Meaning what?”

“That if we don’t stop everything we’re doing right now, we’re dead.”

This dire prediction only caused Victor another surge of irritation. He hadn’t killed one single person since the mission began, and now they were suddenly going to die? Unlikely as anything killing him or his brother was, the situation was sure to be an inconvenience. With little else to do, he followed, scowling in annoyance.

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