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For writerverse challenge. Not likely that any of them will be expanded.

XMen -

Remy saw the guns pointed at him with laser sights, one annoyingly close to blinding him. He had Fury by his collar, and the magenta charge around him glowed violently with explosive potential. 
This could go one of two ways. He could blow Fury – possibly himself- into bitty pieces and then be riddled with bullets. Or he could take off the charge and surrender. Both options unappealing. The second didn’t sit well with his pride.
Yet the question was whether or not he’d die for his pride at being able to say he’d never been caught.
Decisions, decisions.

A:tla AU -

“Doesn’t this…don’t you ever think about how insane this is?”
June blinked. “You mean the whole save the world thing?”
“Yeah. Fighting an army. Stopping the Firelord. Do you really believe we can do that?”
“Because I have you,” June replied simply. “Do you understand what that means?”
Tekoa continued to stare at her, clearly bemused.
“You’re mine. I take care of what’s mine. And mine had best take care of me and help me do what I need to do,” she grinned, lightly slapping his cheek.
“Is that your idea of a teamwork speech?”
“Yeah. I’m kinda awesome at it.”
He rolled his eyes but smiled still, just a little.


The look Domino gave him clearly asked for explanation.
“Well,” Wade drawled, looking everywhere but at her, “I was in the neighborhood, so I just thought I’d drop by, but then I saw that your door was open so I came in and checked it out just in case you were being robbed ‘cause that’s the kind of guy I am. I must have scared them off, and I couldn’t help but notice you had leftover pizza and HBO…so yeah.”
“You’re lying.”
“Darn. How do you do it, Dom? It’s like you right through me.”
“Is anyone gonna be coming to look for you?”
“How long?” she sighed.
“Oh, two, seventeen days tops.”

A:tla -

Bidna drifted into the towns surrounding the desert dressed in browns in tans. She kept her hood up, her face down, and her skin covered. She was unassuming, blending with the sand and dirt. She made herself forgettable.
No one needed to remember her grey eyes. No one needed to see hiding beneath her long sleeves and pants were thin blue lines, tattoos of arrows on her feet, her hands, and the crown of her head. It was foolish to mark herself in such a way. An unnecessary risk.
Bidna glided past the Fire Nation troops who looked through her. She liked to think that she was the wind.

Stargate: Atlantis-

“But if you could just –“
“No! Every time I get behind the wheel of one of those pond-skippers –“
“The major insists we call them puddle-jumpers, Dr. Beckett.”
“Whatever the Ancient alien spaceships are called, something bad happens every time I fly one! Or any other time I am forced to use this technology.”
“Look, I’d do this myself, but you’re the medical doctor, and you said that a man with a concussion probably shouldn’t be flying. Our actual pilot and commanding military officer – the guy who has saved your life time and again – is the one out there about to be eaten by Wraiths! So fly the damn ship already.”


Ozai had been sent from the meeting , as if he were a spoiled child. Dismissed for embarrassing behavior. He didn't think he'd ever been this angry before. He stalked into his wife’s chambers, his face a thunder cloud.
“What’s wrong now?” she asked.
He merely growled, smoke curling from his hands.
“Perhaps you caught him at a bad time. Your plan seemed ver –“
“Don’t patronize me, woman! I get enough of that from him.”
Ursa threw up her hands, helpless.
“What do you want me to say?”
“Nothing. Be quiet.”
She watched him pace a moment before going to him, taking his face in her hands, and kissing him still, calm.

XMen -

“Sheila?” he asked.
Sitting cross-legged on her bed, Wanda looked at him out of the corner of her eye.
Hanging through the door, the red-head Aussie hesitated a second.
“Would it be very upsetting for ya calm if we had an extra houseguest a couple of days?”
Pyro looked at her with blue, puppy eyes. She scowled and gave an affirmative grunt. He beamed.
“Great! So ya wouldn’t mind two then?”
“Whatever. Get out.”
He did, shutting the door behind him. She heard him tromping down the stairs and yelling to Sam and Dean that they were allowed to stay and for Pietro to stop leering.

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