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Read and Review challenge 

able of Doom

01.Gray (1331)02.Action/Adventure (1069)03.First (1329)04.Coming Home05.Happy (1000)
06.Once Upon a Time (1000)07.Max Beerbohm Quote08.First Line (1199)09.Rolling in the Deep (2368)10.The Great Escape (1333)

7 to go
More info
1. Gray - a color or even a mood.
2. Action/Adventure - a genre.

3. First - an ordinal number.
4. Coming Home - because unless you're agoraphobic, sometimes you leave, and generally, you come back.
5. Happy - a pleasant mood.
6. Once Upon a Time - a fairy tale beginning...gruesome things are sure to follow.
7. “To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature.” --Max Beerbohm
8. Use this first line in your story: “[name] shivered, pulling [his/her] jacket tighter around [him/her] and digging [his/her] numb hands under [his/her] arms.”
9. Rolling in the Deep by Adele (Lyrics
10. The Great Escape - a book, a movie, a bike/hobby shop, and much much more...
11-15. Five times someone did, said, was, wasn't, (insert verb here) something or other.

5 Times

Date: 2012-03-23 03:32 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] c3childs.livejournal.com
(5) Times Robin Slipped Up
1. He might own a circus.
2. He speaks English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Swahili, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and some Atlantean.
At first, Artemis didn’t pay the music any attention. She stayed sprawled over the couch, skimming over the English assignment she was supposed to be reading. As the story steadily lost her interest, the singing finally began to register.

‘De Toi À Moi’

“Do you realize you’re not speaking English?”
“Oh. Nah, hadn’t really thought about it.”
“And that you were singing Jesse McCartney in French?”
“The song’s French,” he shrugged, clearly not seeing her point.
“Are you actually fluent in French?”
“Oui, et plusieurs autres langues ainsi. ”
"Ce que les autres ne vous le savez?"
"Anglais et en français, bien sûr. Chinois, espagnol, russe, japonais, allemand, le swahili, le mandarin, cantonais, vietnamien, et peu atlante. Il ya quelques autres," Robin rattled off the several languages he knew.
"Bạn nói tiếng Việt?"

3. He can fly a helicopter
That word is not something that should be said in the middle of a covert operation. This is especially the case when the operation is being performed on a helicarrier thousands of miles in the air. It is then compounded when the several charges set throughout the helicarrier exploded and knocks the pilot unconscious.
He can fly a helicopter and a helicarrier.
5. He has a brother.
“What the in the Joker’s Closet are you doing here?”

“Oh, come on, Little Bird. I haven’t seen you in weeks, and that’s the greeting I get?”
“Hi. I’m glad you didn’t die. Batman would like a word with you. Why – no, how…actually, no, just why are you here?”

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11 - 15

Date: 2012-03-31 03:32 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] c3childs.livejournal.com
(2 Hakoda) Hero worship/crush
(3 Tekoa) True Love
(4 Beautiful, wicked mind) Ozai
(5 Kale) Darling boy

in progress gray

Date: 2012-04-09 08:36 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] c3childs.livejournal.com
Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band

“How did I come to this?” she wondered as she stared out the window. It was not a pretty sight. The sky was dark and pregnant with the promise of rain. Inside of the hotel room, things were quite the opposite.
The ultra-modern white room was contrasted by furniture made of chrome and black and angles. Splashes of color slung on canvas hung on the walls, and every table was made of glass. A small bag with some of her equipment in it was placed on one of those tables.
It was expansive and expensive. A room that befitted a Turkish gun runner. She was careful not to make a mess. It was pristine, and she wanted it to stay that way. Not just because of her compulsive cleaning habit either.
Everything in its place was preferred for this kind of operation. In the past, the job always went smoothly when the room wasn’t a jumble of crap and trash. Hm. Maybe her OCD had a small portion to do with it.
How she wishes it was different. Different how, she doesn’t know. That was the problem. All she knew for sure was that she didn’t want this, running around on covert operations until she was old and gray-headed.
Fury was not one to let his people go easily. Certainly not as bad as some of the other people she’d worked for in the past
The change was up to her. She’ll have to do it herself, like she has always had to. It’s not that she minds, anymore. Difficult things no longer call for hesitation on her part, only a small matter considered and brought into the equation then canceled out. She had luck enough to win out.
But she changed before, and for a while she was happily married. Somewhere in that, her lucky stars were misaligned, and all of that went downhill.
She hummed a laugh. There was some kind of cosmic irony in mercenary contemplating her screwed up love life while waiting in a strange man’s hotel room to kidnap him.

“Room service,” a voice said outside the door.
One she recognized.
“Oh, please,” she moaned, pressing the heel of her hand to her forehead, “There’s a crazy man outside the door.”
He started knocking in a way that suggested that he’d go on determinedly forever. And he could. He was extremely stubborn when it came to irritating her, and few forces on earth could deter him. Unfortunately, she had didn’t have chimichangas, strippers, or Bea Arthur on hand.
The entire operation would be ruined if he stayed out there when the Turk showed up, so she had little choice but to open the door.
As expected, he was there, grinning as if on the verge of laughter. At least, she must admit, he wasn’t dressed for work in his usual red-and-black.
“Nina, baby! Fancy seein’ you here.”
She stared up at him flatly.
“Are you following me, Wade?”
“Psh! Crazy talker is what you are. Why would I be following you? That doesn’t make sense unless I was stalking you or something,” he chuckled loudly, nervously.
He did immediately, and she can hear the elevator down the hall ding

“I swear, you’re like a retarded puppy.”
He let his tongue loll out of his mouth.

Setting fire to this life.
She knew Wade cared for her in his insane, chaotic way. He might even love her. She was one of his few, real friends.
It broke her heart to grey.

excerpt from John-Wade talk

Date: 2012-04-09 11:46 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] c3childs.livejournal.com
“Buddy, you need to change your name. You can have mine if you want so you can keep the initials.”
“I’m not about to change my name because of some nasty, blue pus-looking wanna-be vampires.”
“Fine. Suit yourself. Just don’t stand next to me when we get introduced to anymore natives.”
Companion piece to Indy's story with the door.
Idea: The boys stole a cop's door. Investigating a seperate case, he goes to the LeBeau mansion, and my, doesn't that look familiar?


Date: 2012-04-18 05:47 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] c3childs.livejournal.com
accidentally stumbled into a construction site at 3am on the way home. The bulldozer was locked so we had to settle for rerouting traffic with all the orange cones...

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