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Title: All Through the Night
prompt: The Forest Dark
Word Count: 376
Rating: k
Original/Fandom: original
Pairings (if any): uh...no
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/RPF etc):
Summary: They say the woods are dangerous.


People don’t go into the forest. It took two days on horseback to get through it, requiring one to make camp for the night. People don’t survive nights in the forest. That’s when the ‘wolves are hunting, they say. Oh, but when the sun is up, they say it’s safe. Nothing ever happens in the daylight. Still, most don’t go either way.

It is well past sunset, and one woman walks along the path. The canopy of trees is thick, blocking the weak moonlight. Her way is lit by the lantern she carries, and a covered basket rests in the crook of her arm. A blue cloak and hood is settled over her.

A man, dressed in night shades, is suddenly beside her, walking as if he were there the whole time.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the man says, smiling darkly. “The forest is a dangerous place at night.”

“Thank you for the warning, sir, but I must go all the same.”

It’s a nice smile, she thinks. And he’s a rather handsome man. She immediately decides not to trust him. An obvious but sensible choice.

He folds his hands behind his back and leans forward, trying to peek at her face. “And where are you going that’s so important?”

She turns her head away from him. “I do not know you, sir, and so my business is not yours.”

“I am only concerned for you safety.”

“A gentleman, are you?”

“When it suits me. I suppose I should introduce myself, since I’ve claimed to be a gentleman, hm?”

She doesn’t answer, only continues to walk.

“My name is Michael Derby.”

“You may call me Amelia.”

“Amelia. What a lovely name. Is it yours?”

She graces him with a side-long look, and he chuckles lightly.

“Well, Miss Amelia, I shall accompany you on your business and ensure your safe passage through the forest.”

“You must be desperately bored, but I suppose I am grateful for the sentiment behind your gesture.”

He tilts his head quizzically, slowing his pace and dropping behind her.

“You’re welcome?”

She doesn’t once look back. He glances behind and waves a hand then follows her. The others, watching from the dark, growl and fade further in. The prey is not theirs tonight.


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